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  1. Bill,
    You don’t know me, so let me introduce myself. My name is Penny Steele and I live in Salem OR. I just watched your post about patrol catch other officers speeding on Hiway 2 on October 8, 2014. Your post proves that is not an isolated incident, and it infuriates me. Why do cops get away with illegal bullshit, simply because they wear a badge??? The reason for my anger? 1 year ago today( jan. 16, 2014), my son was hit and killed by a Douglas county sheriff in the Waterville area. It was a horrific accident. The cop was caught earlier that day going 85 in a 60, but when the cop seen it was another cop in an unmarked vehicle, he was left alone. Within just a few hours my son was hit and killed by this officer, who was not only speeding at the time, but didn’t have his eyes on the road either. Nothing was done to this officer, and within 30 days he was back on patrol with a new vehicle, business as usual. Bob Calkins of the WSP says he will use your video as a “learning”agent? And he wants the publics understanding???? I want Bob Calkins to explain to me why my son is exempt from the very last sentence of the pledge of alligence…”and justice for all”. Where is the justice for my son? Had he hit and killed the police officer, he would be in prison for vehicular manslaughter. The police officer that killed him has never gotten even a speeding ticket. Every officer that was speeding in your video……I wonder if they have kids. And if they do, I want them to think about this scenario. What if I was intoxicated and hit and killed their kid, but I never even seen the inside of a jail cell let alone get any citation for it simply because I owned a brewery. I want them to tell me how they would feel. I want each and every one of them to explain to me why they think they are exempt from the very laws they impose on the civilian.

  2. I really like the background music used in your XP2 Quadcopter review video on YouTube. I don’t suppose you would share with me what the title and artist is, would you? Thanks my friend.

    Andy Morris
    Fort Myers, FL

  3. is the iHUD 2.0 no longer avilable for Iphone on itunes ?
    Have had it, but cannot find it again

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