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One year of Firefighter’s Helmet Camera Footage

Some great footage from Michigan Firefighter Scott Ziegler’s helmet. 12 months worth of firefighting from a firefighter’s point of view. Good stuff:

Van vs. Pole accident on Arlington Heights Road

Some footage from this morning:

Love the unmarked full-size Dodge pickup. Super practical for law enforcement/revenue generation.

Jeep “Death Wobble”

Caught this Jeep Wrangler last weekend on SR-529 with a rather severe case of the “Death Wobble”. Check out the front end moving around wildly. The gal driving it just kept going, albeit at a slower pace.

Snowmageddon Commute This Week

The crazy weather conditions in western Washington made for some crazy driving conditions the last couple days. Fortunately there were not a lot of folks out trying to get around so it was not as bad as it could have been. Some video showing how bad the roads were:

Video from the Glenn Beck event in Mount Vernon.

Just a few minutes of footage I shot with my Flip Mino HD and Iphone 3Gs.


International space station cruising across the arlington sky

I got home from a Fire Commissioner meeting just in time to catch the ISS going across the sky. Wish I had time to set up the tripod and get a steady shot. I used my HF100 on “night” mode, it was the best I could do on the fly:

Video from Ford’s Seattle event

Some video I shot with the little Flip Mino HD monday. The footage is a bit shaky, I tried to stabilize it a bit in post processing. Some footage of the event, test driving it around Seattle.