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2013 Black Friday video footage starting to trickle in

Starting to get some video of the shopping experience many were able to enjoy this year.

This first clip shows the orderly distribution of flat screen televisions at Walmart. For some reason it ends with the police taking people to the ground:

Another Walmart, again televisions appear to be the problem for shoppers:

Seems to be a trend here:

And here is footage from our friends in Puerto Rico:

What a wonderful start to the 2013 holiday shopping season!

Apparently this Hyundai with U.S. Government plates drug this carpet roll down Interstate 5 for 10 miles today:

Snohomish County Sheriff’s “Rainman” Crashes His Motorcycle in the Rain


WSP Photo

A little after 8am this morning a Snohomish County Sheriff motorcycle unit was involved in a single vehicle accident while getting on I-5 from Smokey Point. Hopefully the deputy is okay. He was flown via Airlift Northwest to Harborview, so one must assume he was in critical condition to justify the use of an advanced life support helicopter.

Just three days ago, another deputy flipped his patrol car while making a u-turn in South Everett.

This is roughly the same spot that another SCSO motor deputy was involved in a single vehicle accident, just 6 months ago, also in the rain.

I guess the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office has no issue with the motor units operating in severe¬†weather, based on the license plate frame of the motorcycle involved in today’s accident.

I hope the deputy recovers fully, and I also hope the Sheriff’s office takes a hard look at their motorcycle unit’s policy of operating in lousy weather conditions. So far this year they have had at least two deputies end up in the hospital because they felt the need to write traffic citations was worth the risk of riding motorcycles in craptastic weather. Snohomish County is not alone in this risky behavior- Lynnwood Police has their motor units ride in to the city when it’s snowing.

Everest has longer waiting lines than rides at disneyland

Check out this photo from Outside Magazine of the line of climbers waiting for their turn to get their shot at the summit of Everest. ¬†Looks like a real adventure. Hopefully prospective climbers will consider “line training” at local malls during Black Friday events to prepare for this type of difficult climbing


Since Everest climbs have become not much more than a rich man’s “bucket list” check off I would expect to see a “premium” package for the ultra wealthy that includes a “fast-pass” to bypass this type of annoying line.

WA ST DOT Operating Heavy Equipment In Active 70 MPH Traffic Lane Without Barricades

While driving to Spokane Wednesday morning I ran into a rather unusual Washington State DOT operation. It appears they were replacing a damaged concrete barrier on Interstate 90. What made this unusual was the fact that there were no warning signs, the lane was not coned off, and a WSDOT worker was standing with his back to traffic, inches from an active 70MPH lane of traffic. On top of that there was a front loader with his bucket clearly into the lane of active traffic. I had about 2 seconds to react. Had this been two semi trucks next to each other it could have become a horrific accident.

There were at least 5 WS DOT trucks on the westbound side, with at least a mile of one lane shutdown, on the Eastbound side- NOTHING.

Take a look at the video for yourself- it’s pretty bizarre.