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Moving my crap here.

A few years ago I set up my blog/website on squarespace. At the time it seemed like a good idea, simple, fast setup, no HTML skills needed, and supposedly it would optimize the SEO for you.

It’s been fine for basic blog work, but the iPad/iPhone app for updating it is really weak. I’ve been less than impressed with their SEO work as well.

I recently wanted to start up a new website and started looking into options. I could add a second squarespace account just for that site, but it would be another $16.00 a month and I would be locked into the squarespace app for editing on the fly.

So I looked into WordPress options. I ended up doing my site on WordPress, hosted on Dreamhost for $7.95 a month. My current deal with squarespace is $12.95 a month (I signed up for it with some discount code)

After working with wordpress for just a few days I became convinced I should just move my blog to it as well. While squrespace makes it easy to import existing blogs/websites to squarespace, it has very little support for exporting it.

I’ll work on bringing all my content here in the next few days. Wish me luck.

Squarespace and the iPad don’t play well together

I was really looking forward to using the ipad to update and post to my squarespace account. Sadly it is not exactly a smooth process, if you attempt to use the squarespace online interface with the ipad version of safari you will initially think it will work, but the reality is you can create a new post/entry, give it a title, but there is no way to type content into the post. Sort of makes that a worthless option. The squarespace iPhone application does work on the iPad, however it looks horrible, and the limited editing functions make it a crude tool for serious work. Additionally the ipad’s keyboard is replaced by a scaled up version of the iphone’s keyboard, which is very difficult to adjust to if you are used to the ipad’s keyboard.

I contacted squarespace and they responded with the following:

“Thanks for reporting this! The developers have this as an open issue and will be working to resolve this in the near future.

We do plan on developing an iPad app at some point in time. We think that both the iPhone and the iPad provide unique opportunities to extend the Squarespace experience, and each of them will have distinct capabilities. We can’t release a timeline on this at the moment, and are notoriously picky with our interfaces, insisting that we get them right 🙂 While we don’t announce new feature dates prior to our releases, we do announce all service changes via our service blog at: http://service.squarespace.com/

As always, Squarespace sites should render appropriately on the built-in Safari browser. Any problems on that end should be reported to support@squarespace.com. However, administering your site on the iPad via Safari may pose some challenges, as it doesn’t support basic features such as drag and drop that are necessary when performing certain tasks within Squarespace.”

I’m hoping a solution comes sooner than later.. posting with the iPhone app on a device like an iPad is painful!

Setting up this squarespace account.

Okay I’m just sort of playing around with settings and looks right now. Been years since I did anything with a website, this could be interesting.