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Had to make a run to Spokane today, ran into this thunderstorm as a I came back into the Everett area from the airport. Screen grab from the dashcam.

Man pulled from lake at Twin Lakes Park

Some video from the technical water rescue this afternoon at Twin Lakes Park in Marysville. A 19 year old male reportedly was under water for about an hour. Multiple agencies, the Snohomish County dive team and county helicopter were involved in the rescue. The victim was transported by Marysville medic unit to Everett’s Providence Hospital with critical injuries.

Getting harder to spot unmarked police cars in Snohomish County

It used to be fairly easy to spot unmarked traffic units, standard patrol cars with antennas, spotlights, exempt plates and steel wheels. At some point the state/county/cities decided that they need to make these lucrative traffic units less easy to spot. Take a look at the video I snagged today on highway 2 in Everett.

As I was getting on the freeway I heard the sound of a car downshifting and flooring it, I saw a fairly plain looking Dodge Charger on my right moving up to speed. I assumed it was a vacuum salesman late for an appointment in Lake Stevens. I was surprised to see him light up a Ford truck and pull him over.

This thing has no indication that it is a law enforcement vehicle, looks like alloy wheels, ridiculously dark window tint and only a tiny antenna mounted near the factory satellite antenna.

Assuming this was an actual police car and not some serial killer in a rental car with strobes bought off Ebay it should pay for itself many times over during it’s career.

More video and audio from today’s pursuit in Snohomish County

Here is more video and audio from today’s pursuit of a stolen Honda that began in Arlington, ending in Smokey Point.  The pursuit lasted about 30 minutes, involved Arlington Police, Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, and Marysville Police.

At one point one of the Deputy’s involved in the pursuit requested the launch of Snohomish County’s Helicopter to assist with the pursuit.

In the end the suspect wrecked the Honda on I-5 and fled on foot, finally apprehended in the prestigious Smokey Point Motor Inn.

01-22-13 Pursuit in North Snohomish County

Short clip of a pursuit that started in Arlington this morning, here is a short clip of the suspect spinning out on highway 9 with multiple patrol cars chasing him:

SCSO Pursuit Audio 01-18-13

Police pursuits in Snohomish county have become almost a common occurrence anymore. It’s not unusual at all to hear at least one a day, sometimes more. There  are no shortage of stolen cars in the county apparently.

It has become so common that the officers and deputies sound pretty calm during these chases, calling out speed, traffic conditions, vehicle description in remarkably normal tones.

That brings us to this chase from Friday morning, it started on Interstate 5 in Marysville, then exited into the city. The thing that makes this pursuit audio unique is the way the deputy handled the communications. He was asked repeatedly for his speed, never gave it, no indication of road conditions, after two requests he finally gave the reason for the pursuit, and the location information he gives is fairly disorienting. He apparently ends the pursuit without announcing it.

Makes for interesting listening:

More Audio From The Shooting in Arlington Sunday

Here is some additional audio from the incident on Jim Creek Road in Snohomish County Sunday. This audio is prior to the shooter being shot by the SWAT team. You can hear multiple reports of shots being fired, cars being struck by bullets, officers reporting they are “pinned down” and the SWAT Bearcat being struck by bullets.

AUDIO 09-02-12 Shooting Incident Snohomish County

For audio of moment the suspect was shot- check my previous post.

June storm sweeps through the area.

About 1:45 today the sky turned really dark and it was pretty obvious weather was taking a turn for the worse. The power at my house went out about 5 minutes later. I figured a storm was heading my way. I checked the weather radar on my iPhone and it didn’t look good:

The storm track had it heading right past my house. About five minutes later, the sky opened up:

The radar showed the storm track shifted slightly and was exactly over my house:

About this time the scanner was going crazy with multiple reports of trees down over roads, hitting cars, into powerlines. Power outages were reported all over North Snohomish County.

After the storm had passed over my place, I hit the road to survey the damage. There was a lot of debris and crap in the roadway, and standing water. It pretty much looked like a November day out here.

As of 8:30pm it’s now partly cloudy and the sun is out. Pretty crazy weather day!

A visit to the Indian Ridge Correctional Facility

[06-26-12 UPDATE: Be advised this facility is currently being used for Law Enforcement/Fire Department training- Trespassers visiting the facility will be cited for criminal trespass] I read an article in the Herald earlier this week that reported the old Indian Ridge Correctional facility outside Arlington is scheduled to be demolished. I thought I would swing and check it out before it’s history.

It was built sometime in the 1970s (I found a reference to it in a 1975 newspaper article), and over the past few decades it has gone from a work camp for DNR labor crews to a youth camp, and apparently ended it’s run housing “low risk” offenders from the Snohomish County Jail. It closed in 2005, and the past 7 years have taken their toll on this place. It’s heavily vandalized, windows broken, furniture tossed in the yards, graffiti in a lot of places. I shot a few minutes of video to capture it’s rough condition:

While I was there a couple guys pulled up with backpacks and camera gear, intent on going inside the fence. “Urban Explorers” looking for some cool photos. I was tempted to join them, but knowing my luck a Sheriff’s deputy would roll up and charge me with criminal trespass.

Pretty nasty old facility, it’s definitely in need of demolition.

My Encounter with Air Force One

Like all first term Presidents, President Obama wants simply one thing- a second term. So with that in mind he made a quick cash run up the west coast this week to grab an estimated $8 million in donations. That may sound like a lot of money, but it adds up quick when you charge people $35,800 to have dinner with you, or $17,900 for lunch. But with the economy running this strong, who can’t afford something like that? Nobody would expect any type of favor in return for such modest donations.

Being a fan of aircraft I figured it would be worth a try to see if I could get some video of Air Force One and the various support vehicles and aircraft.

Unfortunately Paine Field sits on top of a slightly elevated area- so there are no vantage points from a distance. Your only hope is to get in close, and today the Secret Service attempted to make that impossible. Every access point was shut down, simple viewing locations behind the fence line were off-limits. One of the deputies I spoke with said that the Secret Service wants, “nobody to be able to view AF1 from the airport”. That makes it tough to get a good shot.

About 45 minutes before Obama arrived, a group of 7 helicopters arrived from the South: Marine Squadron One. They had two “Marine One” Presidential helicopters, and the rest appeared to be escort/gunship helicopters. They looked and sounded like something from the film “Apocalypse Now”:

At this point, a lot of folks started to show up where I was (south end of the runway near the DEM and old Fire Station). Parents bringing kids, Boeing workers, and just curious folks wanting to see the President land. I should point out there were no signs indicating the area I was at was closed, or off limits in any way. So people started setting up tripods, kids were getting excited and the anticipation began to build.

That all came to a halt when a deputy came up to the fence and told everyone they had to leave, and if they were seen again “it would be a problem”. His orders came from the Secret Service. So everyone had to disperse, absolutely nobody would be able to see Air Force One with their own eyes today. I pulled back and parked out of visual range of the officers. At this point King County’s Guardian One started to orbit the area.

I thought it was odd that King County’s Helicopter was being used at Snohomish County’s airport, rather than Snohomish County’s Snohawk 1 or even Snohawk 10. But this was clearly not a day to question authority. As I sat 100′ from the fence I was not supposed to look at, I listened to the scanner traffic. A couple things noted here: the Secret Service frequencies you can get off the internet work great- they are very active, but they are 95% encrypted so it’s pointless to listen. So I was listening to the PSOPS N3, N4 and Everett 4 talkgroups while I monitored Paine Field approach. A few minutes passed, and I heard Air Force One on final approach. At this point people began walking back toward the fence. The excitement began to build again. I grabbed my tripod and cameras and walked back toward the fence area and to what, I assumed, would be a certain death from the security detail.

To my surprise, I was able to actually get some decent shots of Air Force One as it made the turn at the end of runway 16R. I waited for the flashbangs, teargas and rubber bullets but it was remarkably calm. The sheriff’s deputies were looking at all of us (probably 30 or so) and let us get what we wanted- pictures. I grabbed some video as well:

After that I got the hell out of there. In talking with some of the other scofflaws who wanted to take felonious photographs of Air Force One, it was clear this was some of the most extreme security anyone had encountered. Several of them had been to other visits from AF1 and never had this type of insane restrictive security. I consider myself lucky to survive the event, and the officers who let us get these pictures deserve a Nobel Peace Prize nomination.