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Spotted this Saturday. Either a couple jets were flying in formation, or there is some new type of aircraft with a 2 mile wingspan.

More video and audio from today’s pursuit in Snohomish County

Here is more video and audio from today’s pursuit of a stolen Honda that began in Arlington, ending in Smokey Point. ¬†The pursuit lasted about 30 minutes, involved Arlington Police, Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, and Marysville Police.

At one point one of the Deputy’s involved in the pursuit requested the launch of Snohomish County’s Helicopter to assist with the pursuit.

In the end the suspect wrecked the Honda on I-5 and fled on foot, finally apprehended in the prestigious Smokey Point Motor Inn.

Zodiac Killer case solved by a visit to Wienerschnitzel

I dropped into the Smokey Point, WA Wienerschnitzel for a hot dog Saturday, after enduring some horrendous traffic at the local Costco. While I was enjoying the hot dog I took in the ambiance of the establishment. The wallpaper had several old black and white photos from the 1960s and 70s, showing people enjoying their product. This one stood out to me:

This man, wearing a wienerschnitzel hat and shirt, apparently competing in some sort of hot dog contest has a striking resemblance to the prime Zodiac Killer suspect from the 1970s wanted poster:

Take a good look at the photo and the sketch… its almost spooky how similar they are. The more you think about it the more sense it makes.. early 1970s, California, white male, glasses.. it simply must be him. I’m obviously joking, but this is not much more “evidence” than many of the other suspects that have been explored over the years.