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DHS Helicopters flying over Marysville to assist SCSO in search

Around 2pm today SCSO attempted to catch a subject speeding on a red sport bike on highway 9 nouth of Lake Stevens. An SCSO motor unit stopped after speeds exceeded 100mph on highway 9. It was not exactly clear what the guy was wanted for (besides triple digits on SR9).

Anyhow, a short while later they found the bike dumped across from the WSP office on 116th in Marysville. Then the story gets a little weird. A huge search begins, involving several deputies and a K9. Then two homeland security helicopters show up and join in the search. Somehow they ended up disturbing a bees nest, and several got stung (a deputy reportedly was stung over 100 times).

This search went on for hours. Helicopters came and went for fuel, and officers from WSP, Everett, Lynnwood, SCSO, Tribal, and Fish and Wildlife were involved in containment.

I only heard that the guy they were after was supposedly armed with a .380 handgun, and had two misdemeanor warrants. Hardly enough to warrant this huge response.

After several hours of searching with multiple K9s, the search was ended with the subject still on the loose. Not sure why, but we are seeing more and more Federal Agency involvement in local law enforcement around here.

There is obviously more to this story.

Whidbey Island bank robbery suspect tracked with GPS device

Saturday about 5:30pm the Whidbey Island bank in Bothell was robbed. Shortly after the robbery they began tracking the suspect via a GPS tracking device, presumably in the bag containing the money. It was interesting to hear the Deputy’s attempt to locate the suspect, they knew where he was, how fast he was going- but had no vehicle description. They were simply looking in each car to see if the driver matched the description of the robber. I never heard them read off any plates while they were driving in the same area as the suspect, which might not have been a bad idea.

The suspect either tossed the GPS device or bag near the park and ride in Mountlake Terrace. After a long search the police did recover the GPS transmitter, but not the suspect.

01-22-13 Pursuit in North Snohomish County

Short clip of a pursuit that started in Arlington this morning, here is a short clip of the suspect spinning out on highway 9 with multiple patrol cars chasing him:

SCSO Pursuit Audio 01-18-13

Police pursuits in Snohomish county have become almost a common occurrence anymore. It’s not unusual at all to hear at least one a day, sometimes more. There  are no shortage of stolen cars in the county apparently.

It has become so common that the officers and deputies sound pretty calm during these chases, calling out speed, traffic conditions, vehicle description in remarkably normal tones.

That brings us to this chase from Friday morning, it started on Interstate 5 in Marysville, then exited into the city. The thing that makes this pursuit audio unique is the way the deputy handled the communications. He was asked repeatedly for his speed, never gave it, no indication of road conditions, after two requests he finally gave the reason for the pursuit, and the location information he gives is fairly disorienting. He apparently ends the pursuit without announcing it.

Makes for interesting listening:

Snohomish County Sheriff’s “Rainman” Crashes His Motorcycle in the Rain


WSP Photo

A little after 8am this morning a Snohomish County Sheriff motorcycle unit was involved in a single vehicle accident while getting on I-5 from Smokey Point. Hopefully the deputy is okay. He was flown via Airlift Northwest to Harborview, so one must assume he was in critical condition to justify the use of an advanced life support helicopter.

Just three days ago, another deputy flipped his patrol car while making a u-turn in South Everett.

This is roughly the same spot that another SCSO motor deputy was involved in a single vehicle accident, just 6 months ago, also in the rain.

I guess the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office has no issue with the motor units operating in severe weather, based on the license plate frame of the motorcycle involved in today’s accident.

I hope the deputy recovers fully, and I also hope the Sheriff’s office takes a hard look at their motorcycle unit’s policy of operating in lousy weather conditions. So far this year they have had at least two deputies end up in the hospital because they felt the need to write traffic citations was worth the risk of riding motorcycles in craptastic weather. Snohomish County is not alone in this risky behavior- Lynnwood Police has their motor units ride in to the city when it’s snowing.

iPod Power Issue Results in Totaled Snohomish County Sheriff Patrol Car

A quick update to my earlier post about the deputy who rolled his patrol car in Everett earlier today. Sounds like it was not a “hit and run” as originally reported.

Apparently the stolen BMW that was somehow involved in the total destruction of his county issued patrol car was taken from a woman in Everett. The reason it was stolen? She needed to charge her ipod. So naturally, rather than use a home charger, it’s more convenient to just leave the keys in your car to charge the device. Unfortunately this resulted in her car being stolen, which complicated the whole iPod experience.

Here’s the audio, courtesy of Snohomish County Scanner:

Police Audio- BMW Stolen w/ keys in it to charge iPod

Steve Jobs would be sick to his stomach if he knew one of his devices triggered a series of events that resulted in a patrol car being destroyed, an L&I claim, massive medical costs associated with a EMS transport to Harborview and a multi agency police response.

Hopefully the Everett woman was able to recover her iPod, fully charged.

Audio from Snohomish County Sheriff Patrol Car Rollover Accident 11-19-2012

Around 4:20PM today a Snohomish County Sheriff Deputy was involved in a rollover accident near Mariner High School. Unclear exactly what happened, the media is calling it a “hit and run”.  The other vehicle involved was apparently a stolen silver BMW, the driver apparently fled the scene on foot. The deputy was transported to Harborview but will be okay according to early reports.

While listening to the investigating units on scene I heard them ask for confirmation that the BMW showed contact marks from hitting the SCSO unit. The radio traffic from investigator on the scene indicated no marks on the BMW indicated that it struck the Sheriff vehicle.

Here is some radio traffic from the incident obtained from Snohomish County Scanner, and shared with their permission:

Audio from SCSO Rollover Accident 11-19-2012

More Audio From The Shooting in Arlington Sunday

Here is some additional audio from the incident on Jim Creek Road in Snohomish County Sunday. This audio is prior to the shooter being shot by the SWAT team. You can hear multiple reports of shots being fired, cars being struck by bullets, officers reporting they are “pinned down” and the SWAT Bearcat being struck by bullets.

AUDIO 09-02-12 Shooting Incident Snohomish County

For audio of moment the suspect was shot- check my previous post.