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Dashcam video of motorcycle pursuit

Video of a police chase a couple of days ago in Tennessee. Check out the construction worker at the start of the chase, bike buzzes past him and the patrol car can’t figure out if he wants to drive on the sidewalk or the roadway.

Lynnwood police pursuit results in fatal crash, sending two to Harborview

[UPDATE 05-25-13: A 72 year old man in a vehicle that was struck by the felony suspect died as a result of the accident.]

Lynnwood had a quick (two minutes) pursuit tonight that resulted in a multiple vehicle accident that sent two to Harborview.

Apparently the suspect they were in pursuit of had a felony warrant. Hopefully getting him in custody was worth the carnage that resulted from this pursuit.

A police motorcycle officer with liberal pursuit policy in action

motorcycle officer in high speed pursuitA lot of law enforcement agencies have different pursuit policies for motorcycle units- they are harder to see, have much higher risk of injury in the event of an accident, and obviously they are not capable of the PIT maneuver to terminate a pursuit.

Most agencies will allow a motor officer to initiate the pursuit but require the officer to give up the pursuit to a marked patrol car as soon as possible.

That’s what makes the following footage so unusual- this motor unit starts the chase and continues in a pursuit that lasts several minutes. It’s pretty impressive riding by the officer, but the multiple intersections and opportunities for him to get hit by an inattentive driver are hard to overlook.

In the end the dirtbag in the car was captured and booked, but I question if the risk was worth it in this case.

Check out the video:

More video and audio from today’s pursuit in Snohomish County

Here is more video and audio from today’s pursuit of a stolen Honda that began in Arlington, ending in Smokey Point.  The pursuit lasted about 30 minutes, involved Arlington Police, Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, and Marysville Police.

At one point one of the Deputy’s involved in the pursuit requested the launch of Snohomish County’s Helicopter to assist with the pursuit.

In the end the suspect wrecked the Honda on I-5 and fled on foot, finally apprehended in the prestigious Smokey Point Motor Inn.

01-22-13 Pursuit in North Snohomish County

Short clip of a pursuit that started in Arlington this morning, here is a short clip of the suspect spinning out on highway 9 with multiple patrol cars chasing him:

SCSO Pursuit Audio 01-18-13

Police pursuits in Snohomish county have become almost a common occurrence anymore. It’s not unusual at all to hear at least one a day, sometimes more. There  are no shortage of stolen cars in the county apparently.

It has become so common that the officers and deputies sound pretty calm during these chases, calling out speed, traffic conditions, vehicle description in remarkably normal tones.

That brings us to this chase from Friday morning, it started on Interstate 5 in Marysville, then exited into the city. The thing that makes this pursuit audio unique is the way the deputy handled the communications. He was asked repeatedly for his speed, never gave it, no indication of road conditions, after two requests he finally gave the reason for the pursuit, and the location information he gives is fairly disorienting. He apparently ends the pursuit without announcing it.

Makes for interesting listening:

Lynnwood Police Foot Pursuit Lands Officer in Harborview (Audio)

Yesterday, at about 5:15pm, Lynnwood Police got into a foot pursuit of a subject that had a $500 warrant for Driving While License Suspended. The suspect managed to find one of the few parts of Lynnwood that is not a strip mall or an abandoned business, a heavily tree lined lot between Reclinerland and Whole Foods. Both the suspect and the officer ended up going off an 18′ embankment, resulting in serious injuries to the officer, and a broken wrist for the man with the warrant.

Here is the audio from the chase and the early parts of the containment shortly after the Officer was injured: AUDIO: 08-26-12 Lynnwood Police Foot Pursuit

Some points of the audio worth listening to:
:34- Foot Pursuit Begins
:52- Officer Reports that “Lincoln 25” (the officer injured) is down a gully.
1:30- L25 Reports the suspect took off from his area.
2:30- Officer requests an aid car.
2:10- Description of the fall.
3:20- L25 Gives a description of the suspect.

Here is a link to the Lynnwood Police Press Release regarding the incident.

04-19-12 Marysville pursuit ends with suspect ejected after hitting power pole

Marysville police engaged a reported car prowler in a pursuit that began just after midnight on April 19th. A fairly short pursuit ended when the suspect hit a power pole near Highway 9 and Soper Hill Road. The suspect was ejected and power lines went down in the area. Here is the audio of the chase and the resulting chaos afterwards: Audio from 04-19-12 marysville pursuit