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3D Animation of the Skagit I-5 bridge collapse

Truck falls off I-5 during bridge collapse
It didn’t take the folks at TomoNews long to come up with a great 3D animation of the I-5 bridge collapse in Mount Vernon, check it out:

Video from the Glenn Beck event in Mount Vernon.

Just a few minutes of footage I shot with my Flip Mino HD and Iphone 3Gs.


Glenn Beck event in Mount Vernon

The mayor of Mount Vernon recently invited Fox News Commentator Glenn Beck (a Mount Vernon native) to return to Mount Vernon so he could “give him the key to the city”. Some groups felt this was not the best decision and vowed to protest it, and supporters also planned on being there to show their support. These kinds of events often have entertaining signs and colorful people so I had to run up there to catch the show. I was not disappointed. The following photos are just random shots of signs and people that made up the event.

As I arrived I noticed a plane flying an orbit around the event with a sign in tow stating “Change the locks”: I found a parking spot and headed out into the crowdThere were plenty of people from both sides there. Everyone was fairly well behaved. Some shouts back and forth but overall everyone kept their cool.

I love seeing the various signs and differnent people who come out for these types of events. If you want to see all the photos I took they are all here.