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Lynnwood police pursuit results in fatal crash, sending two to Harborview

[UPDATE 05-25-13: A 72 year old man in a vehicle that was struck by the felony suspect died as a result of the accident.]

Lynnwood had a quick (two minutes) pursuit tonight that resulted in a multiple vehicle accident that sent two to Harborview.

Apparently the suspect they were in pursuit of had a felony warrant. Hopefully getting him in custody was worth the carnage that resulted from this pursuit.

Lynnwood Police Foot Pursuit Lands Officer in Harborview (Audio)

Yesterday, at about 5:15pm, Lynnwood Police got into a foot pursuit of a subject that had a $500 warrant for Driving While License Suspended. The suspect managed to find one of the few parts of Lynnwood that is not a strip mall or an abandoned business, a heavily tree lined lot between Reclinerland and Whole Foods. Both the suspect and the officer ended up going off an 18′ embankment, resulting in serious injuries to the officer, and a broken wrist for the man with the warrant.

Here is the audio from the chase and the early parts of the containment shortly after the Officer was injured: AUDIO: 08-26-12 Lynnwood Police Foot Pursuit

Some points of the audio worth listening to:
:34- Foot Pursuit Begins
:52- Officer Reports that “Lincoln 25” (the officer injured) is down a gully.
1:30- L25 Reports the suspect took off from his area.
2:30- Officer requests an aid car.
2:10- Description of the fall.
3:20- L25 Gives a description of the suspect.

Here is a link to the Lynnwood Police Press Release regarding the incident.

Lynnwood Police makes no secret of bulldozing state law on red light camera use

Someone contacted me today and sent me a link to an article in the Herald from 2011 regarding Lynnwood’s use of red light camera footage for investigations totally unrelated to traffic offenses, an apparent violation of Washington State law that forbids the use of that footage for anything but violations related to running a red light or speeding.

My favorite quote from the article is from Police Chief Steve Jensen, he said “his cops are using the cameras for investigations in ways he thinks most people in Lynnwood would support.” Well I guess if the majority of people in Lynnwood think it’s okay, screw Washington State law.

Maybe Seattle Police should let the cowboys from Lynnwood PD come down and work those two shooting investigations for them.

Here’s a link to the original article on Heraldnet:

Heraldnet Article

The 1989 ford country squire station wagon

There were some great classic Fords at the Bickford car show today in Snohomish. Wandering down the rows of Mustangs, Falcons, Galaxies and other vintage Fords was fun. In the middle of all the classic cars was this clean example of something we just don’t see anymore:

The 1989 Ford Country Squire Wagon. This was a darn clean example too, body straight, the “Wood” decals and trim were all intact, un-faded. My first thought when I saw this was a flashback to the mid 1980s, when I worked at Harris Ford in Lynnwood after High School every day. I worked in the service department, doing clean up in the shop, washing the shop floors, moving cars around, general stuff. The dealership had a mid 1980s Country Squire, almost exactly like this, but white. It was referred to as the “Shuttle Bus”, used to take customers home after they dropped their cars off for service. I drove this quite often, usually to shuttle another employee down to the emissions test center, where Harris Ford parked a pickup with a huge sign in the bed that read “Failed your emissions test? Harris Ford has computerized emissions equipment to help” with a large arrow pointing to the dealership.

What I remember about driving this thing was the insane suspension, very cushy.. the thing wallowed around. And the power steering was overpowered beyond reason. The V8 (302/5L) was adequate for hauling around customers. It also proved adequate one night in November when I drove it as fast as I could in the Lynn Four movie theatre parking lot, hit the small rise in the parking lot and got all four wheels off the ground, followed by a couple donuts in the parking lot. It was great fun. The Lynnwood police officer who pulled me over did not agree.

The joys of being 17 and given such awesome resposibility.