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Squarespace and the iPad don’t play well together

I was really looking forward to using the ipad to update and post to my squarespace account. Sadly it is not exactly a smooth process, if you attempt to use the squarespace online interface with the ipad version of safari you will initially think it will work, but the reality is you can create a new post/entry, give it a title, but there is no way to type content into the post. Sort of makes that a worthless option. The squarespace iPhone application does work on the iPad, however it looks horrible, and the limited editing functions make it a crude tool for serious work. Additionally the ipad’s keyboard is replaced by a scaled up version of the iphone’s keyboard, which is very difficult to adjust to if you are used to the ipad’s keyboard.

I contacted squarespace and they responded with the following:

“Thanks for reporting this! The developers have this as an open issue and will be working to resolve this in the near future.

We do plan on developing an iPad app at some point in time. We think that both the iPhone and the iPad provide unique opportunities to extend the Squarespace experience, and each of them will have distinct capabilities. We can’t release a timeline on this at the moment, and are notoriously picky with our interfaces, insisting that we get them right 🙂 While we don’t announce new feature dates prior to our releases, we do announce all service changes via our service blog at: http://service.squarespace.com/

As always, Squarespace sites should render appropriately on the built-in Safari browser. Any problems on that end should be reported to support@squarespace.com. However, administering your site on the iPad via Safari may pose some challenges, as it doesn’t support basic features such as drag and drop that are necessary when performing certain tasks within Squarespace.”

I’m hoping a solution comes sooner than later.. posting with the iPhone app on a device like an iPad is painful!

Review of squarespace iphone app

This blog is hosted by squarespace, overall I have been pretty happy with their web based management tools. It works great when I am home or anywhere with a PC, I can post photos,videos and post blog comments. When they said they were working on an iphone application I was pretty excited- the thought of being able to update from anywhere on the road was something I could use. The application was delayed by Apple for weeks but finally made it’s way to the app store yesterday. Here is my take on the application:

Website Preview:

This lets you just get a brief view of your main page, good for checking out your most recent post to make sure it is formatted the way you wanted.

Posting a new blog entry is very simple:

You can shoot a picture with your iphone, or load an existing one from your library. The text entry is simple and functional, nothing fancy, no serious formatting tools here. You can save a entry as a “draft” to finish later, my only complaint is you cannot open a draft on a PC and do final editing there, you have to finish the post on your iphone, upload it, then if you want to do any major formatting you would do it on your pc. You cannot easily do video links, or hyperlink to other pages with this application. You can pick from your existing list of blog categories and also enter tags for each post.

Managing existing posts

It’s easy to review your posts and select one for editing. When you open a post that was created on the PC Squarespace application you will encounter raw HTML code if you resized photos or embedded video on the original post, so you need need to be careful if you are revising or editing a post made with a PC:

Website Statistics:

This is pretty handy, it lets you see at a glance your visitors, subscribers, search terms, and referrers.


This is a much needed addition to the Squarespace tool set. Having the ability to edit, add posts and review stats while running around is huge. I see a lot of opportunities to quickly put a picture with a quick comment up on my blog using this app. While the formatting is limited, it still gives a user the ability to keep his blog fresh without the need of a full PC connection. I wish there was a way to manage visitor comments using this app, but I hear that is coming soon. Overall I think this is a much needed app for Squarespace users!

Testing out the iPhone squarespace app

First test post using the new squarespace iPhone app. I’ve been waiting for this for weeks, should make daily updates much easier!