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Apparently this Hyundai with U.S. Government plates drug this carpet roll down Interstate 5 for 10 miles today:

Motorcade for fallen WSP Trooper Sean O’Connell

This morning the body of Washington State Patrol Trooper¬†Sean O’Connell was transported from Skagit Valley Hospital to a funeral home in Everett. Well over 100 patrol cars and motorcycles formed up a motorcade to honor him. I grabbed some footage from the 12th Street overpass between Everett and Marysville.

3D Animation of the Skagit I-5 bridge collapse

Truck falls off I-5 during bridge collapse
It didn’t take the folks at TomoNews long to come up with a great 3D animation of the I-5 bridge collapse in Mount Vernon, check it out:

Seattle Traffic Sucks

Shot from my commute this morning

I had a labor/management meeting at the Fire Department this morning, it wrapped up around 8am, allowing me plenty of time to make my 11:00am meeting at Nucor Steel in West Seattle. Or so I thought.

The route takes me through Everett, Lynnwood, downtown Seattle and then to the West Seattle area. Total distance: 50.2 miles. My time behind the wheel this morning- almost two and a half hours! I’ve done this same route, during the same time, on a weekday and have had it take an hour and ten minutes.

There was not a single accident, disabled vehicle, radar enforcement, or other issue that can cause these epic slow commutes. It was just a ton of people sitting in traffic. Who knows how many flights were missed, job interviews that never happened.. traffic in Seattle is just horrible anymore, and it has become impossible to predict when it’s going to be¬†total disaster like today.

Another car fire in Everett- East Marine Drive, under I-5

A cargo truck caught fire this afternoon on East Marine Drive in Everett, almost under the I-5 overpass. Flames and smoke were visible from the freeway and slowed up traffic for a bit. Everett Fire knocked it down pretty quick. Apparently the truck contained some propane bottles (according to fire radio traffic) so it could have been a bit more spectacular.