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Cascade Model Helicopter Club 21st Annual Fun Fly

Saturday I went out to Snohomish to check out the annual Fun Fly put on by the Cascade Model Helicopter Club. It’s a pretty large event with dozens of helicopters putting on freestyle 3D performances.

I took a few photos and some video of the performances, these guys can make their helicopters do things that defy the laws of physics!

New addition to the hanger- 700 RC Helicopter w/ camera gimble

I picked up a Trex 600 stretched to 700 w/ a Photoship One camera gimble a couple weeks ago. It was built for a film company that was doing some aerial projects, came with both radios (one for helicopter, one for gimble) FPV transmitter, receiver and monitor. They had a hard time finding reliable pilots to fly it, and have moved on to renting full size helicopters for their aerial work now.

Anyhow I’m still getting things dialed in and adjusted. I’m planning on replacing the landing gear and doing a few other tweaks before I get it up in the air.

I did some ground testing this morning just to check for vibration and verify radio operation:

Northwest MedStar adding helicopter base in Eastern Washington

Starting in mid-June 2012, Northwest MedStar will position an air medical helicopter in the Pullman/Moscow area to serve adult patients.  The base will begin as a 12-hour base and will transition to full-time by the end of July.  Northwest MedStar will continue to support the region’s pediatric, neonate and high-risk obstetrics patients from the Spokane and Tri-Cities bases with its specialty perinatal teams.

Here is a link to the full press release from MedStar: Northwest MedStar Expands, Adds Base