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Warning signs posted on the Stillaguamish River

First time I’ve seen warning signs on the Stillaguamish river. Spotted this last night outside of Granite Falls. Probably a good idea, given the multiple tragedies in rivers and lakes this year.


Someone built an A-Frame Cabin on the side of Deer Mountain

Sometime over the last year or so someone has constructed an A-Frame cabin on the side of “Deer Mountain” (one of a few names for a large ridge off Jordan Road near Granite Falls).

It’s virtually impossible to see from the roadway, it’s just a small dot on the mountain. Occasionally I’ve seen smoke from the stovepipe that comes off the roof of this simple structure, so someone is spending some time up there. Not sure how they got the materials up there, but it must be a nice view when you get there.

Anyhow, I grabbed a quick shot of it today just to see what it was- it’s a fairly complete A-Frame cabin built right on the side of the ridge. No idea who built it, but it looks fairly solid. I bet the view from up there must be pretty nice, probably see Everett and the Olympics on a clear day!

Frozen lake near Granite Falls

A friend is doing a story on the recent killing of 4 bald eagles near Granite Falls, WA and wanted some aerial footage to add to his video. After work Friday I met him at a small lake near Granite Falls that was pretty much frozen over. We were running out of light and there was dense fog so I just did a real quick flight to get a few seconds of video for his story. Came out ok, just really dark and low visibility. I used my XP2 Quadcopter from XProheli to shoot this clip.

Politics, Granite Falls style.

I live just outside of Granite Falls, WA so I am unable to vote in this years mayoral race. The current Mayor has a lot of billboards around town:

Haroon Saleem, the candidate running against incumbent Lyle Romack has put up billboards of his own, along with phrases like “Stop the Corruption”:

Candidate Saleem has also put up an interesting billboard in town, labeled “Know the Facts” with rather large list of allegations against Mayor Romack. You can click on this image to enlarge it to read the list:

That is a pretty large list, with some pretty serious allegations. I am not sure how much (if any) of his claims are true. While I was taking pictures people were stopping and reading his list. This should be an interesting race to watch. Big cities are not the only place for drama in politics!

Granite Falls manhunt today

Granite Falls was filled with law enforcement units from several agencies to help in a search for a suspect who fired at officers last night. Police wont say it’s Colton Harris-Moore that they were looking for, but it is odd that a US Customs/Border Patrol Blackhawk Helicopter was called in for this. ┬áIt was weird seeing a huge Blackhawk flying around this area this morning.

US Customs and Border Patrol Blackhawk over Granite Falls

Blackhawk shortly after touchdown at Granite Falls Middle School

Blackhawk searches wth Granite Falls High School in foreground

Blackhawk enters into hover to support ground units in search.

Some video showing the various agencies and media trucks in Granite Falls late today:

So much for keeping the car clean

I live out in a pretty rural part of Snohomish county, off Jordan Road. It’s a pretty nice road, a lot of motorcycles come out just to make the ride up the 10 mile road that runs north/south between Granite Falls and Arlington Heights.

There is a major project going on right now (link to project here) that has the south end of the road all torn up. The project is due to be completed “Fall 2010”. I’m hoping they can do something to improve the route from the current state- this is going to be a muddy road in just a few weeks. This video I shot this morning gives you a litle idea of how fun this will be: