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Otterbox Defender case damaged my iPhone 6 screen

iphone screen damaged from otterboxTitle pretty much says it all. I bought an Otterbox Defender case to protect my phone when I am out at jobsites or working outdoors when I want extra protection for my phone. I’ve had the phone about three weeks and have used the Defender case a total of three days at the most- usually I have my iPhone in a slim leather case.

Monday I noticed some kind of smudge mark on my iPhone’s screen- I attempted to clean it off but it would not come off. I tried some car wax to try to polish it off- but it did nothing. I could not figure out what would cause the mark- until I looked at the Otterbox case. On the front piece of the Otterbox case is a thin membrane material that covers the home button- exactly the same size as the marks on my iPhone’s screen. This material is not flush with the case, so it rubs against the screen and apparently will damage the protective coating on the screen.otterbox case

I emailed Otterbox some photos and a summary of my issue but received no response. So I put up a video showing the issue- shared my frustration on twitter and got a few responses from folks that have had the same problem.

Otterbox has yet to respond to my email. I did get a response from @OtterboxCS on Tiwitter- “Unfortunately as we are not the device manufacture, we are unable to provide a warranty or replacement on the device itself.” Translation- “Buzz off”.

Needless to say I will never purchase anything from Otterbox in the future. The crappy design of this case made the damage to the screen inevitable. Otterbox not taking 2 minutes to respond to my email, only using a canned twitter reply to deal with my complaint is enough to tell me they could care less if I am happy.  The irony is I purchased their case to protect my iPhone- yet their case has managed to permanently damage my new iPhone’s screen in just a few days.

The customer service folks at Otterbox didn’t have time to respond to my email, however they did take time to look me up on linkedin:

linkedinSo if you want to protect your phone from damage- please avoid using the Otterbox line of cases.

GoPro WiFi BacPac and Remote- Not ready for primetime.

The GoPro Wifi BacPac was released last weekend after months of delays. Based on my experience with it, they should have delayed it even further.

I purchased my first BacPac last weekend at Best Buy, and finally got around to playing with it Wednesday night. The unit as it comes out of the box is inoperative, it (and your GoPro) all require firmware updates prior to use. I updated the camera, BacPac and remote without any issues. I then left the BacPac and remote plugged in for a few hours to charge them. After a couple of hours I unplugged the devices and attempted to “pair” them. The BacPac fired up fine and went into pairing mode easily. The remote, well, it was dead. Would not start. No light, no display, nothing. Plugged it into the usb port, and it fired right up. Paired it with the camera, and was able to activate the shutter and change shooting modes without any problems. Only issue was if I unplugged the remote it would instantly die.

So I returned it to Best Buy for an exchange, which was an adventure all in itself. Anyhow, I got the new BacPac and remote, updated the BacPac, then started the update to the remote. The remote update made it to 50% and stopped. For an hour. After two hours it was obvious it was not going to update. I unplugged the remote and it continued to display “UPDATE.”

It continued to say that until I went to bed. I woke up and it was dead. After plugging it in, it continued to say “UPDATE”. I emailed GoPro for help, but I’m pretty sure this is my second failed BacPac/remote.

I guess I will go back to Best Buy and see if the third time is the charm. At this point, I’m not too impressed with the quality of the devices.

So much for “Zero Emissions”

Looks like someone forgot to charge their Nissan Leaf. Saw this at Barnes & Noble in Lynnwood this afternoon.

It’s “carbon footprint” now includes the emissions from a commercial flatbed idling for 20 minutes while they figured out how to load it.