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A Little Tennessee Road Rage

I was heading towards Nashville Friday when I came up on a couple motorists having a little case of road rage. The guy in the F-150 was pulling a small trailer and having a hard time staying in his lane, apparently the dude in the Crown Victoria took it personally and started swerving into the F-150’s space.

Once the guy in the old cop car got past the F-150 he floored it and was gone, the F-150 continued to struggle with keeping his rig in his lane, I lost sight of him on Monteagle Pass.

Fallout from my WSP video


When I uploaded the video from WSP’s speed enforcement in Wenatchee earlier this week I had no idea it would blow up to become a national news story. I was hoping that others would share my frustration after hearing officers running late to a conference blowing through a speed trap 20+mph over the limit without being stopped.

Apparently this video struck a nerve with folks. It was first picked up by Komo here in Seattle, then KCPQ, then Kiro. I ended up getting phone calls from news agencies all over the country asking about the video.

video camera setup

I agreed to do on-camera interviews with ABC World News and Kiro to discuss my thoughts on the incident.  After seeing me on TV I received a lot of texts/phone calls from friends telling me that I’d better avoid driving for a while, basically implying that WSP will want to “get even” for making them look bad.

Friday I was contacted by an attorney in Wenatchee that kindly offered to represent any motorist that received a citation at that speed enforcement operation for free.  Attorney John Brangwin sounds like he’s very familiar with WSP and defending those who receive tickets in these types of situations. If you received a citation at this location and want to talk with John, his phone number is 509-663-3915, or visit his firm’s website for more contact info.

His services may not be needed however- Friday the news announced that WSP was “voiding” all the citations issued at that location for the two days that the conference attendees were allowed to pass through without receiving tickets.tickets voided

The incident was embarrassing to the State Patrol and they will be making changes to how they handle patrol cars that are speeding through their enforcement areas in the future.

Mark my words on this one- they will encrypt their air to ground communications sometime in the near future. They will cite “public-safety” or “privacy” as their reason, but the real reason is they don’t like having something like this being brought out to make them look bad.




Dusting of snow hits Snohomish County, drivers unable to cope

Friday morning I woke up to a couple of inches of snow on the ground at my house. Nothing too extreme, just headed off to work as usual.

driving in the snow

Apparently the conditions were a little too much for some folks:dodge truck rollover in snow


jeep liberty in ditch chrysler new yorker off the roadway

Washington State DOT trucks were doing a good job managing the trace amount of snow that was on the roadways.

washington dot snowplow

When I got into Arlington the snow gave Olympic Avenue a nice holiday look.

Arlington WA with snow

Nice to have a little of the white stuff this time of the year.

Cold weather hits Snohomish County. Driver’s respond with some fantastic driving.

Woke up to 24F weather this morning. Spent a couple minutes scraping my windshield before I hit the road, unlike this gentleman who just fired up his rig and whipped out into traffic with zero visibility. He spent the next ten minutes hanging his head outside his truck trying to see where he was going. Seems responsibile.

Snowmageddon Commute This Week

The crazy weather conditions in western Washington made for some crazy driving conditions the last couple days. Fortunately there were not a lot of folks out trying to get around so it was not as bad as it could have been. Some video showing how bad the roads were:

09-09-09 road trip photos

Wednesday I had to run to Moxee, WA for a project I was looking at for work. I brought the camera and took a few shots of the trip.

South on Highway 9 near Snohomish, looking east:

Construction Delays on Highway 9:

After my meeting I headed west, but jumped off I-90 several times to explore a little bit.

Rest Stop outside Yakima warns of rattlesnakes:

A couple shots from the Thorp Cemetary:

  Here are some shots West of Thorp, WA:

 Check out this huge rock over the road:

After asking some folks I twitter I was informed this is a wind turbine:

It was a great day for driving, and it was fun to get off the beaten path a bit for some photos.

Ferrari F430 spider enjoying a morning commute in Bellevue

Spotted this southbound on 405 this morning. Sweet ride, not sure he ever got it past third gear, he wanted to ensure everyone heard the 4.3 V8 (which sounded awesome)