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Move update- packing up crap

moving boxes stacking upMy last move was 17 years ago when we moved from Lynnwood to Arlington. Back then I rented a U-Haul truck and made a few runs up and down I-5 to move all our stuff into our new place. That’s not an option this time, we have a lot more household items now and the trip is about 2,600 miles.

I have found that trying to pick a long distance mover is harder than I expected. There’s a ton of different companies, and many of them are just brokers that in some cases switch your load between carriers on such a long haul. One quoted me 3-4 weeks for my items to make the trip from Arlington to Chattanooga. Anyhow I’ve settled on a major moving company and they plan on loading up all of our belongings, including our 2 cars and getting it down there in 5 days, just in time for us to move our stuff into our new home.

After spending the last couple weeks boxing up stuff I have to say it is unbelievable how much stuff one can accumulate in 17 years. I have donated and dumped off tons of stuff that was packed away in closets, under the house and in the garage.

I have a lot more to pack in the next couple weeks. Apparently ammunition and aerosol cans are a no-no on moving trucks so I will need to find a place for them.

Still need to cancel PUD, Waste Management, switch my ISP and forward my postal mail to my new address.

Oh and I found out that moving my cats to Chattanooga will cost $1,200 to haul them in a climate controlled van. (I just can’t do the cats on a plane)


Photo of the Tennessee river in Chattanooga Bill Gillam 2015

I’ve been busy and not doing too much with my blog (or twitter for that matter) the last couple months. The reason is I’ve been dealing with a whole lot of change in my life. To sum it up quickly- I’m moving to Chattanooga Tennessee. I’ll be working for a construction company in Chattanooga, doing very similar work to what I’ve been doing in the Pacific Northwest over the last 25 years.

This all went down rather quickly over the last 2 months. I listed the house for sale, sold it within 2 weeks, purchased a home in Chattanooga and I’ll be moving by the end of April. It’s slightly overwhelming dealing with so much change in a short amount of time, I’m still sort of numb the way this has all come together.

I’ll miss Snohomish County, having lived here my entire life. Leaving my friends and family will be tough, but I’m ready for a big change in my life, and this is going to be that change. A new challenge in a new part of the country, lots of opportunity to explore and experience a new lifestyle.

I hope I can find a form of public service to participate in when I get down to Tennessee, I’ve been a Reserve Deputy Sheriff, part time Firefighter/EMT and finally a Fire Commissioner here in Snohomish County over the last 25 years. I have no idea what opportunities exist there but certainly plan on looking into it after I get settled in.

I’ll be more active on this blog during this move and will share my experience of what it’s like to move from the Pacific Northwest to Tennessee over the next few months.