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SCSO Pursuit Audio 01-18-13

Police pursuits in Snohomish county have become almost a common occurrence anymore. It’s not unusual at all to hear at least one a day, sometimes more. There  are no shortage of stolen cars in the county apparently.

It has become so common that the officers and deputies sound pretty calm during these chases, calling out speed, traffic conditions, vehicle description in remarkably normal tones.

That brings us to this chase from Friday morning, it started on Interstate 5 in Marysville, then exited into the city. The thing that makes this pursuit audio unique is the way the deputy handled the communications. He was asked repeatedly for his speed, never gave it, no indication of road conditions, after two requests he finally gave the reason for the pursuit, and the location information he gives is fairly disorienting. He apparently ends the pursuit without announcing it.

Makes for interesting listening:

Exclusive- 09-02-12 Audio from SWAT Standoff Shooting in Arlington

Here is audio from around 4:30pm today when the suspect who was shooting at vehicles and the Snohomish County was shot by members of the Snohomish County SWAT team:

AUDIO: SWAT Shooting Arlington 09-02-12

Lynnwood Police Foot Pursuit Lands Officer in Harborview (Audio)

Yesterday, at about 5:15pm, Lynnwood Police got into a foot pursuit of a subject that had a $500 warrant for Driving While License Suspended. The suspect managed to find one of the few parts of Lynnwood that is not a strip mall or an abandoned business, a heavily tree lined lot between Reclinerland and Whole Foods. Both the suspect and the officer ended up going off an 18′ embankment, resulting in serious injuries to the officer, and a broken wrist for the man with the warrant.

Here is the audio from the chase and the early parts of the containment shortly after the Officer was injured: AUDIO: 08-26-12 Lynnwood Police Foot Pursuit

Some points of the audio worth listening to:
:34- Foot Pursuit Begins
:52- Officer Reports that “Lincoln 25” (the officer injured) is down a gully.
1:30- L25 Reports the suspect took off from his area.
2:30- Officer requests an aid car.
2:10- Description of the fall.
3:20- L25 Gives a description of the suspect.

Here is a link to the Lynnwood Police Press Release regarding the incident.

Scanning the United States Secret Service

With Obama coming to Everett last week I decided I would try my luck with listening to their radio communications. A quick google of “secret service frequencies” will bring up several websites with lists of all kinds of frequencies. I dumped about 100 frequencies into both of my PSR-800 scanners and hoped for the best. During the landing of Marine Squadron One and Air Force One there was some activity on several channels- but during the event so much was going on I didn’t really get a chance to see how much I was picking up from the Secret Service.

After I got home I downloaded all the audio from both scanners for review. I had at least an hour of radio communications from the Secret Service, however all but a minute or two were encrypted transmissions. Some times a transmission would begin encrypted, then switch to open, but it was sketchy at best.

In the end it was of limited value, only getting partial exchanges is not really too rewarding. Not sure it would be worth doing again, but I had to give it a try. Here is a sample of some of the communications I was able to capture unencrypted: