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Move update- packing up crap

moving boxes stacking upMy last move was 17 years ago when we moved from Lynnwood to Arlington. Back then I rented a U-Haul truck and made a few runs up and down I-5 to move all our stuff into our new place. That’s not an option this time, we have a lot more household items now and the trip is about 2,600 miles.

I have found that trying to pick a long distance mover is harder than I expected. There’s a ton of different companies, and many of them are just brokers that in some cases switch your load between carriers on such a long haul. One quoted me 3-4 weeks for my items to make the trip from Arlington to Chattanooga. Anyhow I’ve settled on a major moving company and they plan on loading up all of our belongings, including our 2 cars and getting it down there in 5 days, just in time for us to move our stuff into our new home.

After spending the last couple weeks boxing up stuff I have to say it is unbelievable how much stuff one can accumulate in 17 years. I have donated and dumped off tons of stuff that was packed away in closets, under the house and in the garage.

I have a lot more to pack in the next couple weeks. Apparently ammunition and aerosol cans are a no-no on moving trucks so I will need to find a place for them.

Still need to cancel PUD, Waste Management, switch my ISP and forward my postal mail to my new address.

Oh and I found out that moving my cats to Chattanooga will cost $1,200 to haul them in a climate controlled van. (I just can’t do the cats on a plane)

President Obama visits Arlington, Washington

marine one at arlington wa airport

President Obama paid a visit to Arlington and Oso, Washington Tuesday on his way to Asia. Anytime the president is on the move it’s a big deal, but rolling his hardware into a small town like Arlington is pretty unusual. I grabbed a few photos and video of his visit. There were a ton of resources out in Arlington and up highway 530 to support this trip.

Here’s a few shots from his visit:

Dusting of snow hits Snohomish County, drivers unable to cope

Friday morning I woke up to a couple of inches of snow on the ground at my house. Nothing too extreme, just headed off to work as usual.

driving in the snow

Apparently the conditions were a little too much for some folks:dodge truck rollover in snow


jeep liberty in ditch chrysler new yorker off the roadway

Washington State DOT trucks were doing a good job managing the trace amount of snow that was on the roadways.

washington dot snowplow

When I got into Arlington the snow gave Olympic Avenue a nice holiday look.

Arlington WA with snow

Nice to have a little of the white stuff this time of the year.

Car accident on Highway 9 and SR 530

Caught this on my way through Arlington this afternoon, second car accident at this intersection in about a week.

Happy Fourth of July


Shot from the annual parade in downtown Arlington today.

Arlington Post Office Burglerized


Swung by the Arlington Post Office this afternoon, there was a locksmith replacing locks on PO Boxes and the parcel boxes in the front area of the facility. Sometime overnight somebody forced the locks on multiple PO Boxes and parcel boxes, cleaning them out.

The locksmith replacing all the lock assemblies told me he had to do the same thing in Sultan on Thursday, as some thieves broke into that post office and did similar damage.

I’m thinking Granite Falls, Stanwood and other small Post Offices might want to set up a little video surveillance?

Assault on Eagles continues in Snohomish County

Saw this on my way to work this morning in Arlington, someone has thrown an old motorcycle over one of the eagle carvings in town. This, just weeks after 4 eagles were found shot to death near Granite Falls.

More video and audio from today’s pursuit in Snohomish County

Here is more video and audio from today’s pursuit of a stolen Honda that began in Arlington, ending in Smokey Point.  The pursuit lasted about 30 minutes, involved Arlington Police, Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, and Marysville Police.

At one point one of the Deputy’s involved in the pursuit requested the launch of Snohomish County’s Helicopter to assist with the pursuit.

In the end the suspect wrecked the Honda on I-5 and fled on foot, finally apprehended in the prestigious Smokey Point Motor Inn.

01-22-13 Pursuit in North Snohomish County

Short clip of a pursuit that started in Arlington this morning, here is a short clip of the suspect spinning out on highway 9 with multiple patrol cars chasing him:

Exclusive- 09-02-12 Audio from SWAT Standoff Shooting in Arlington

Here is audio from around 4:30pm today when the suspect who was shooting at vehicles and the Snohomish County was shot by members of the Snohomish County SWAT team:

AUDIO: SWAT Shooting Arlington 09-02-12