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Where to buy the XP2 Quadcopter

XP2 Quadcopter in air

Since I have done a few blog posts about my XP2 Quadcopter I tend to get a fair amount of web traffic that comes here looking for more information on the XP2, and folks wondering where they should buy one.

You can go directly to www.xproheli.com and purchase it there. One thing that Xproheli has a great affiliate program for those who refer traffic to their website and ultimately make a purchase. If you find my blog helpful I would really appreciate it if you purchase your XP2 through my affiliate link- http://www.xproheli.com#oid=7_1 it will help me out a little bit- and you won’t pay a penny more than you would through their website.

If you are unsure about the XP2- check out my full review of it here.  If you have any questions at all about the XP2, how easy it is to fly, does it crash a lot, what type of maintenance does it require- feel free to shoot me a note and I will give you my honest opinion after almost a full year of operation mine!


Two XP2 Quadcopters


Frozen lake near Granite Falls

A friend is doing a story on the recent killing of 4 bald eagles near Granite Falls, WA and wanted some aerial footage to add to his video. After work Friday I met him at a small lake near Granite Falls that was pretty much frozen over. We were running out of light and there was dense fog so I just did a real quick flight to get a few seconds of video for his story. Came out ok, just really dark and low visibility. I used my XP2 Quadcopter from XProheli to shoot this clip.

Aerial video project in the Cascades

I headed out early Friday morning to Stampede pass to for a little aerial video project. The weather was perfect, light wind and absolutely clear visibility.

I used my XP2 Quadcopter to get the shots needed. There was a very specific shot that was requested and after a quick trial flight to test conditions I was able to get the shots needed.

Normally I fly at sea level, I was curious what the altitude would do to performance. (the shoot location was 4,000′) I’m not sure it really had much of an effect, it seemed to fly as strong as it does at 500′.  It was a fairly tight location to shoot with some wind coming over the ridge, but I was able to get what was needed in just three short flights.

If you are interested in the quadcopter I used for this project go to XProHeli to see their quadcopters for sale.

Aerial Video from Monroe Adventure Park

Here’s the video from last weekend’s event. I shot this with my XP2 Quadcopter and Gopro Hero 2. I only had a couple of hours to spend on the event, I tried to get a variety of footage while I was there. The quad allowed for some shots you would normally never get!

Aerial shots from Monroe Adventure Park’s “Prison Break” event

I went out to Monroe Adventure Park Saturday for a couple hours to get some aerial footage for them. I was able to get some pretty solid HD footage of some of the competitors on the obsticle course, sand drags, and rock crawling. It was an interesting event to shoot, the dust was a concern for the quadcopter’s motors and electronics, but there was no issues as far as I could tell. I’ll get some footage up but here are a few screen captures from the shoot:

Aerial Video Project- Shooting a Summer Camp

This week a summer camp requested some help with a promotional video they were putting together. They wanted some aerial shots to compliment the other shots they had. I was able to spend a couple hours on the campsite with my quadcopter getting the shots they wanted. This was a tough gig, shooting in very tight areas as well as over water, but I think they were happy with the results:

Monroe Adventure Park’s “Prison Break” Event

Couple aerial shots from the new Monroe Adventure Park. I’ll be shooting some aerial video and photos during the “Prison Break” event this weekend. Hope to get some good footage of these guys going at it on the obstacle course and rock climbing events!


New addition to the hanger- 700 RC Helicopter w/ camera gimble

I picked up a Trex 600 stretched to 700 w/ a Photoship One camera gimble a couple weeks ago. It was built for a film company that was doing some aerial projects, came with both radios (one for helicopter, one for gimble) FPV transmitter, receiver and monitor. They had a hard time finding reliable pilots to fly it, and have moved on to renting full size helicopters for their aerial work now.

Anyhow I’m still getting things dialed in and adjusted. I’m planning on replacing the landing gear and doing a few other tweaks before I get it up in the air.

I did some ground testing this morning just to check for vibration and verify radio operation:

Marysville 156th Street I-5 Overpass construction progress

The 13 million dollar overpass project in Marysville is scheduled to be completed in September of this year. I shot a few photos and a couple of minutes of video Saturday showing the progress of the project.

Hopefully this bridge will help with the horrible traffic that can build up around the Costco, Target and Best Buy that make up the “Lakewood Triangle”.

Aerial video of outdoor wedding in Snohomish

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Darren with Good Times Productions asking about my XP2 Quadcopter, he was curious if it would be possible to use it to get some aerial footage of an upcoming wedding he was shooting in Snohomish. Yesterday was the wedding, and I put it to the test, the results were pretty good, despite the 10-15 mph winds, I was able to get some pretty cool shots of this outdoor wedding. I had it up for probably a dozen or so flights, here is the best footage: