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Everett’s Kimberly Clark Mill Awaits Demolition

The Kimberly Clark mill in Everett worked it’s last shift in April of this year. A fixture on the Everett waterfront since the 1930s, it has closed and demolition has already begun. I wanted to get some video of this old mill before it’s reduced to rubble. Tried to get some video earlier this year, but was chased off by security. Well the security offices are empty now, so I was able to shoot some video of the mill last weekend:

A shame to see the last of the Everett mills go down. This used to be known as a “mill town” back in the old days, so much for that reputation.

A visit to the Indian Ridge Correctional Facility

[06-26-12 UPDATE: Be advised this facility is currently being used for Law Enforcement/Fire Department training- Trespassers visiting the facility will be cited for criminal trespass] I read an article in the Herald earlier this week that reported the old Indian Ridge Correctional facility outside Arlington is scheduled to be demolished. I thought I would swing and check it out before it’s history.

It was built sometime in the 1970s (I found a reference to it in a 1975 newspaper article), and over the past few decades it has gone from a work camp for DNR labor crews to a youth camp, and apparently ended it’s run housing “low risk” offenders from the Snohomish County Jail. It closed in 2005, and the past 7 years have taken their toll on this place. It’s heavily vandalized, windows broken, furniture tossed in the yards, graffiti in a lot of places. I shot a few minutes of video to capture it’s rough condition:

While I was there a couple guys pulled up with backpacks and camera gear, intent on going inside the fence. “Urban Explorers” looking for some cool photos. I was tempted to join them, but knowing my luck a Sheriff’s deputy would roll up and charge me with criminal trespass.

Pretty nasty old facility, it’s definitely in need of demolition.

Post Falls Idaho Factory Outlet Mall is a Ghost Town

I paid a depressing visit to the Post Falls “Factory Outlet Mall” this week while I was in Spokane. This place is virtually abandoned now- just a handful of shops occupy the 50 available spaces. Back in the mid 1990s this place was actually sort of busy, with lots of shops and activity. Over the past 15 years it has become a retail wasteland. I took a short drive around the place to give you an idea of just how desolate it is: