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A Little Tennessee Road Rage

I was heading towards Nashville Friday when I came up on a couple motorists having a little case of road rage. The guy in the F-150 was pulling a small trailer and having a hard time staying in his lane, apparently the dude in the Crown Victoria took it personally and started swerving into the F-150’s space.

Once the guy in the old cop car got past the F-150 he floored it and was gone, the F-150 continued to struggle with keeping his rig in his lane, I lost sight of him on Monteagle Pass.

Trip to Salt Lake City and Rock Springs, WY

So I had to make a quick run to Utah and Wyoming last week for work. I ran up to meet a customer in Rock Springs, WY with a co-worker. The trip began with some great flying weather in Seattle. View of plane at SeaTac from Delta’s Sky ClubI was able to use my Amex and boarding pass to get into the Delta “Sky Club” and enjoy some free snacks and drinks The flight was non-eventful (best kind) Delta Offered Wifi in the air- but $7.95 for a couple hour flight seemed a bit silly. 

After a night in Salt Lake City it was time to get on the road and head up to Rock Springs. The weather changed throughout the couple days, from snow, rain, clear skies.. it was quite a variety.





Once I got close to the plant we saw a pretty long Union Pacific Coal Train bringing in product to feed the power plant.


This is something you don’t see everyday- Liquor Store in Rock Springs with a Drive-Up window:

Spent the night in Rock Springs, but due to an issue with the rental car the next morning was a pain- requiring the use of my AAA membership to tow off my 2010 Chevy Impala. 

After the manager at the Hampton Inn gave us a ride to the Rock Springs airport I was able to get a replacement rental and get back on the road.

The drive back to Salt Lake City was nice, a bit of light snow throughout the drive, I was hoping to get a chance to take some more photos but since my rental car drama took up much of the morning I had to just cover the miles back to the airport. Spotted a huge wind farm on the way back, would have liked to get some better shots of the wind turbines.


The flight back to Seattle was delayed twice, so I was glad to have access to the Delta Sky Club at the SLC airport, it was much, much bigger than the Seattle one. Got a chance to watch Tiger Wood’s speech regarding his little issue, and return phone calls and emails. Finally got back to clear skies in Seattle, just in time to watch the sun go down.

Long day of driving

GPS trip summary

I had to make a quick trip to Longview today for a meeting. It was a real treat given the torrential downpour, standing water, accidents, and general crappy driving conditions. 9 hours of driving at an average speed of 40MPH. Made for a long day behind the wheel.

Rural Metro Ambulance running codeWDOT and WSP dealing with one of several accidents.

Old AT&T long-lines tower outside Sprague, wa

Back before fiber optic communication lines AT&T had a nationwide network of microwave towers that relay long distance calls across our country. These towers were build to a high standard, capable of surviving a close nuclear blast and remain operational. They had generators, water, sleeping quarters and were pretty cool little tech centers for their time.

A few weeks ago I was coming back from Spokane and stopped at Sprague,WA to get gas. Up on a hillside north of the town was a group of towers- one of them an old AT&T long lines tower. I headed up to check it out. At the end of a service road is a gate that restricts further access.

These towers have not been operational for microwave use for some time. American Tower purchased many of the old towers and refitted them with cellular antennas. You might see these towers when you are driving around, they have the distinctive microwave “horns” at the top.

It would be neat to get closer to check out the “bunker” at the base of the tower, but these days jumping fences into restricted areas is not something I recommend, even if just for a look around. It was neat to just take a break and grab a couple pictures.

A couple links on the old AT&T long lines system:

AT&T Long Lines Towers Remembered

AT&T Long Lines Newspaper Stories

09-09-09 road trip photos

Wednesday I had to run to Moxee, WA for a project I was looking at for work. I brought the camera and took a few shots of the trip.

South on Highway 9 near Snohomish, looking east:

Construction Delays on Highway 9:

After my meeting I headed west, but jumped off I-90 several times to explore a little bit.

Rest Stop outside Yakima warns of rattlesnakes:

A couple shots from the Thorp Cemetary:

  Here are some shots West of Thorp, WA:

 Check out this huge rock over the road:

After asking some folks I twitter I was informed this is a wind turbine:

It was a great day for driving, and it was fun to get off the beaten path a bit for some photos.