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Fallout from my WSP video


When I uploaded the video from WSP’s speed enforcement in Wenatchee earlier this week I had no idea it would blow up to become a national news story. I was hoping that others would share my frustration after hearing officers running late to a conference blowing through a speed trap 20+mph over the limit without being stopped.

Apparently this video struck a nerve with folks. It was first picked up by Komo here in Seattle, then KCPQ, then Kiro. I ended up getting phone calls from news agencies all over the country asking about the video.

video camera setup

I agreed to do on-camera interviews with ABC World News and Kiro to discuss my thoughts on the incident.  After seeing me on TV I received a lot of texts/phone calls from friends telling me that I’d better avoid driving for a while, basically implying that WSP will want to “get even” for making them look bad.

Friday I was contacted by an attorney in Wenatchee that kindly offered to represent any motorist that received a citation at that speed enforcement operation for free.  Attorney John Brangwin sounds like he’s very familiar with WSP and defending those who receive tickets in these types of situations. If you received a citation at this location and want to talk with John, his phone number is 509-663-3915, or visit his firm’s website for more contact info.

His services may not be needed however- Friday the news announced that WSP was “voiding” all the citations issued at that location for the two days that the conference attendees were allowed to pass through without receiving voided

The incident was embarrassing to the State Patrol and they will be making changes to how they handle patrol cars that are speeding through their enforcement areas in the future.

Mark my words on this one- they will encrypt their air to ground communications sometime in the near future. They will cite “public-safety” or “privacy” as their reason, but the real reason is they don’t like having something like this being brought out to make them look bad.




Military Equipment Sent to Washington State Law Enforcement Agencies

hummveeAnyone watching the national news over the past week or so has probably seen some video of protestors facing off against heavily armed police in Ferguson, Missouri. Some were surprised that a relatively small police department had such military grade hardware.

Many of the smaller state and county law enforcement agencies received military equipment from under the 1033 Defense Department program from 2011 to 2013.

Here is a list of Washington state agencies that received military gear from 2011-13:

The total value of this equipment was $10,165,752.23. Most expensive item I could find was a “Helicopter, Utility” with a value of $922,704.  Also found several “Mine Resistant Vehicles” with a total value of $2,798,000 were sent to Washington state during that period. Handy for community policing.


President Obama visits Arlington, Washington

marine one at arlington wa airport

President Obama paid a visit to Arlington and Oso, Washington Tuesday on his way to Asia. Anytime the president is on the move it’s a big deal, but rolling his hardware into a small town like Arlington is pretty unusual. I grabbed a few photos and video of his visit. There were a ton of resources out in Arlington and up highway 530 to support this trip.

Here’s a few shots from his visit:

Dusting of snow hits Snohomish County, drivers unable to cope

Friday morning I woke up to a couple of inches of snow on the ground at my house. Nothing too extreme, just headed off to work as usual.

driving in the snow

Apparently the conditions were a little too much for some folks:dodge truck rollover in snow


jeep liberty in ditch chrysler new yorker off the roadway

Washington State DOT trucks were doing a good job managing the trace amount of snow that was on the roadways.

washington dot snowplow

When I got into Arlington the snow gave Olympic Avenue a nice holiday look.

Arlington WA with snow

Nice to have a little of the white stuff this time of the year.

2013 Black Friday video footage starting to trickle in

Starting to get some video of the shopping experience many were able to enjoy this year.

This first clip shows the orderly distribution of flat screen televisions at Walmart. For some reason it ends with the police taking people to the ground:

Another Walmart, again televisions appear to be the problem for shoppers:

Seems to be a trend here:

And here is footage from our friends in Puerto Rico:

What a wonderful start to the 2013 holiday shopping season!

Man pulled from lake at Twin Lakes Park

Some video from the technical water rescue this afternoon at Twin Lakes Park in Marysville. A 19 year old male reportedly was under water for about an hour. Multiple agencies, the Snohomish County dive team and county helicopter were involved in the rescue. The victim was transported by Marysville medic unit to Everett’s Providence Hospital with critical injuries.

DHS Helicopters flying over Marysville to assist SCSO in search

Around 2pm today SCSO attempted to catch a subject speeding on a red sport bike on highway 9 nouth of Lake Stevens. An SCSO motor unit stopped after speeds exceeded 100mph on highway 9. It was not exactly clear what the guy was wanted for (besides triple digits on SR9).

Anyhow, a short while later they found the bike dumped across from the WSP office on 116th in Marysville. Then the story gets a little weird. A huge search begins, involving several deputies and a K9. Then two homeland security helicopters show up and join in the search. Somehow they ended up disturbing a bees nest, and several got stung (a deputy reportedly was stung over 100 times).

This search went on for hours. Helicopters came and went for fuel, and officers from WSP, Everett, Lynnwood, SCSO, Tribal, and Fish and Wildlife were involved in containment.

I only heard that the guy they were after was supposedly armed with a .380 handgun, and had two misdemeanor warrants. Hardly enough to warrant this huge response.

After several hours of searching with multiple K9s, the search was ended with the subject still on the loose. Not sure why, but we are seeing more and more Federal Agency involvement in local law enforcement around here.

There is obviously more to this story.

Two alarm residential fire in Lake Stevens

Lake Stevens Fire 07-10-13

Several agencies responded today to a two alarm fire in Lake Stevens. I drove to it about 30 minutes after the intial call, the road was pretty jammed with engines and tenders from Lake Stevens, Getchell, Marysville and Granite Falls.

Rather than hike up there I just shot a couple pics and got a few seconds of video with the zoom:

Happy Fourth of July


Shot from the annual parade in downtown Arlington today.

Drowning at Lake Roesiger

Tragic, sad, horrible, and senseless. That sums up what happened in Lake Roesiger today when an 8 year old boy apparently drown while swimming.