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A Little Tennessee Road Rage

I was heading towards Nashville Friday when I came up on a couple motorists having a little case of road rage. The guy in the F-150 was pulling a small trailer and having a hard time staying in his lane, apparently the dude in the Crown Victoria took it personally and started swerving into the F-150’s space.

Once the guy in the old cop car got past the F-150 he floored it and was gone, the F-150 continued to struggle with keeping his rig in his lane, I lost sight of him on Monteagle Pass. vs Craigslist for selling a car, my experience

I decided to sell my 2007 Avalanche a few weeks ago, it’s been a good rig but I no longer drive it enough to justify keeping it. I decided I’d try, since they claim to reach millions of serious buyers, and will run the ad until the car sells. I chose the “deluxe ad” and picked the “premium listing” option bringing the total to $79.00.

I uploaded the pics and wrote up a decent description:

I figured it would take a couple days to get some type of activity on it, but after two weeks I had not received one phone call or email from prospective buyers. Autotrader’s “ad manager” lets you see the activity on your listing. Here’s how my ad looked after 14 days of “premium/deluxe” listing:

Needless to say I was less than impressed with the Autotrader experience. My truck came up in searches over 800 times, but only 14 people clicked on my ad. And not one of those folks chose to contact me via email or phone.

So I decided to list the same photos and description on Craigslist, which has a more reasonable pricing structure- free.

Within one day I had emails requesting details on the truck. Being Craigslist I had some ridiculous offers, both cash and part trades for crap I had no interest in. But within 4 days I met with a buyer, who made a reasonable offer and the Avalanche was sold.

If I were to do it over again I would have started with the Craigslist ad for 2-3 weeks, then attempted Autotrader if I wasn’t getting any bites. I was pretty disappointed that I optioned up for their best ad listing, and received zero response for the 80 bucks it cost.

Heard this on the scanner yesterday. Washington State Patrol aerial traffic unit had a hard time determining what a Smart Car was from the air:

Exclusive- 09-02-12 Audio from SWAT Standoff Shooting in Arlington

Here is audio from around 4:30pm today when the suspect who was shooting at vehicles and the Snohomish County was shot by members of the Snohomish County SWAT team:

AUDIO: SWAT Shooting Arlington 09-02-12

So much for “Zero Emissions”

Looks like someone forgot to charge their Nissan Leaf. Saw this at Barnes & Noble in Lynnwood this afternoon.

It’s “carbon footprint” now includes the emissions from a commercial flatbed idling for 20 minutes while they figured out how to load it.

Jeep “Death Wobble”

Caught this Jeep Wrangler last weekend on SR-529 with a rather severe case of the “Death Wobble”. Check out the front end moving around wildly. The gal driving it just kept going, albeit at a slower pace.

2011 Seattle Auto Show

Last weekend I made my annual trek to the Seattle Auto Show at CenturyLink’s Event Center. There was nothing exciting there this year, just the standard displays. Seemed like less cars on display- and this was the first year I can remember that the shamwow, auto polish and even the toy car guys did not show up. Not sure what the deal is but this show is getting a bit tired, each year it seems to get a little worse.

Anyhow I shot a few clips with my iPhone 4s, but frankly the show was too lame to video this year.

Car B Que in Everett

Broadway and Hewitt, 5:00pm today. Ford Explorer catches on fire, occupents flee on foot resulting in a full Police response including K9.

Arlington’s Olympic Avenue covered with burnouts..

I ran into Arlington today during lunch to grab my mail from the Post Office and to swing by Napa for some stuff. As I ran up Olympic Avenue I could not help but notice that most of the entire downtown area was pretty much covered with burnout tracks- dozens of them.

The worst of it appeared to be directly in front of the old City Hall building- the faux brick crosswalk has been pretty much wiped out by the cars who decided to light up their tires in A-Town.

When I got back to my office I called city hall to find out what the heck happened over the weekend. I was told they had a “car event” and they had received several complaints. Apparently they are working on a solution to remove the marks, but the damage to the crosswalk looks pretty much terminal to me. The woman I spoke with (who was really nice and understanding) mentioned they had a meeting scheduled this evening to discuss it. Hopefully they get it cleaned up- it makes our downtown look like a warm up area for a drag strip.

What gets me- who from the city or the Arlington Police department stood back and did nothing while this took place? The amount of burnouts make it obvious this took place over a period of time and involved a lot of cars. Car shows are great, and burnouts are a good time- but you don’t deface the main street of a small city that’s trying to do it’s best to keep it’s main street looking good.

Speed Week 2011

I was in Wendover Nevada visiting a project for work last week, and as I returned to Salt Lake City I took a few minutes to check out the action at Speed Week on the Bonneville Salt Flats. This was on Friday, so most of the main action was over, but there was still plenty of cars and bikes making timed runs on the salt:

The cool thing about Speed Week is being able to just walk up the cars and chat with the drivers and crew. You are right there in the middle of the action, unlike most motorsports events these days. Hanging out there for a bit I thought how cool it was to be at a place where some big names in motorsports have broken records- Mickey Thompson, Art Arfons, Craig Breedlove.. I’d love to go again, earlier in the week when there is even more activity.

A few minutes of video I shot while I was there: