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When I uploaded the video from WSP’s speed enforcement in Wenatchee earlier this week I had no idea it would blow up to become a national news story. I was hoping that others would share my frustration after hearing officers running late to a conference blowing through a speed trap 20+mph over the limit without being stopped.

Apparently this video struck a nerve with folks. It was first picked up by Komo here in Seattle, then KCPQ, then Kiro. I ended up getting phone calls from news agencies all over the country asking about the video.

video camera setup

I agreed to do on-camera interviews with ABC World News and Kiro to discuss my thoughts on the incident.  After seeing me on TV I received a lot of texts/phone calls from friends telling me that I’d better avoid driving for a while, basically implying that WSP will want to “get even” for making them look bad.

Friday I was contacted by an attorney in Wenatchee that kindly offered to represent any motorist that received a citation at that speed enforcement operation for free.  Attorney John Brangwin sounds like he’s very familiar with WSP and defending those who receive tickets in these types of situations. If you received a citation at this location and want to talk with John, his phone number is 509-663-3915, or visit his firm’s website for more contact info.

His services may not be needed however- Friday the news announced that WSP was “voiding” all the citations issued at that location for the two days that the conference attendees were allowed to pass through without receiving tickets.tickets voided

The incident was embarrassing to the State Patrol and they will be making changes to how they handle patrol cars that are speeding through their enforcement areas in the future.

Mark my words on this one- they will encrypt their air to ground communications sometime in the near future. They will cite “public-safety” or “privacy” as their reason, but the real reason is they don’t like having something like this being brought out to make them look bad.




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  1. It’s sad that those we entrust to keep the law break the law

  2. Don’t you know? Government personnel are above the law. Anyone who says otherwise is antiamerican and needs to be punished.
    Big Brother IS watching.

  3. good job on catching the WSP. seems so stupid not to punish the lawbreakers.

    • Thanks! I was just trying to get to a job site that day, had no idea I’d stumble on this, I was fortunate to have a scanner- otherwise I would have never noticed what was going on.

  4. Revoke the officers from attending any out of area training and make them attend via video conferencing instead. Also fine them a days pay for speeding and not setting such a good example to other motorists in the State of Washington. I am so tired of the double standard of the speeding police cars on Hwy 101 through Taylor Town area with a reduced speed limit as they leave from the Shelton State Patrol academy. Maybe to cut down travel costs the State Patrol should do more Video Conferencing with their officers.

  5. John Q Citizen jr.

    No doubt, this is ordinary behavior.

  6. Hi Bill,

    I am curious as to what type of scanner and dashcam you used to make the WSP video.

    • Jerry,

      I have my old iPhone 4 on a suction cup mount on the windshield, using the iSymDVR 2 app (which records time/date, location and speed).

      I have a few scanners- mainly use a Uniden BCD436HP and occasionaly my Grecom PSR-800.


  7. Lurker LetMeLive

    So, have you received any retaliation from WSP, or any police? I believe WSP is not an abusive agency, like SPD, Lake Stevens, etc. Very curious. Thanks for sharing.

    • Other than a annonymous letter to my employer complaining that I blog/tweet and have a youtube account, nothing.

      I have nothing against WSP- I did not “set out” to make this video that day- I literally stumbled on it.

      • Lurker LetMeLive

        Considering your fire affiliation, your willingness to publish this is unique. I don’t think anyone perceives that you have an agenda. I have to say, it’s one of the best videos of this type I’ve seen. I’ve peeked into that secret room that is heavily guarded.

        • Yeah I’m sure some think I should have kept my mouth shut since I am a fire commissioner. I put this up as a private citizen, just a guy that thought what was going on was out of line. And next time I take a department vehicle to a conference I fully expect I should be ticketed if I am driving over the speed limit.

          I also did my time in law enforcement and if I was driving a patrol car out of my patrol area in a non-emergency role I would expect to be subject to the posted speed limt.

  8. What they should do is not only void regular /every day citizen tickets, but actually ticket the officers as well. see how they like getting points on their license, paying for increased insurance, and taking the defensive driving class.

    • LEO, you are spot on with that comment. The officers should be held to the same, uh, LAWS that the rest of the citizens are…especially the insurance hikes and defensive driving courses.
      It’s pretty obvious that WSP are throwing scraps at the folks to shut them up so they can . It is disgustingly hypocritical and reeks of what it is – abuse of power.

      • it left out a section:

        It’s pretty obvious that WSP is throwing scraps at the folks to shut them up so they can do their “move along folks. nothing more to see here. keep it moving so we can speed and break the law and be hypocrites in peace…”

  9. There’s also a double standard about wearing seat belts too! You rarely see a cop wearing one.

  10. The real issue, the real heart of the matter is the artificially low speed limits.

    The laws are wrong if 99% of the populace break them or have no problems with breaking them. We are to be represented by lawmakers, not ruled by them.

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