Homeland security getting involved in accident investigations?

DHS Tahoe on I-5 Seattle

I had to run to Seattle this morning to look at a project at a Boeing facility. On my way home there was your typical stop and go traffic backup associated with an accident on northbound interstate 5. I saw some blue and red lights on a couple of white SUV’s and assumed it was Washington State Patrol. I was a little surprised to see two DHS Tahoes parked on I-5 with their lights on, behind what appeared to be your typical I-5 accident. These were “Federal Protective Service” units, charged with “protecting thousands of federal facilities” according to DHS’s website.

GMC Denali totaled in I-5 accident

Not exactly sure why they were part of this accident scene, but it seems a little odd that two of them would be involved in something like this, with all the WSP and SPD units in the area that could assist with this mess. Perhaps the totaled GMC Denali is some new type of “Federal Facility” that requires two units to protect?

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5 Responses to Homeland security getting involved in accident investigations?

  1. Maybe you are a little too concerned with something that you should not be? Anyone in law enforcement understands the concept behind “Mutual Aid.” If they were coming down the road, saw the accident, they would likely stop to render aid, notify locals, help with traffic, etc. I would expect a police officer to stop and make sure everything was ok, even if they typically handle federal property. Not that strange, just blow out of proportion!

    • Thanks for the comment. Like I said in the post- it’s a little odd two DHS units would deal with a highway accident. But you make a good point- the public needs to ignore things and “not be concerned with things that you should not be”.

      I’m sure you enjoyed my post regarding federal blackhawks flying over Marysville, why be concerned, right?

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  3. Think of cops like medical professionals. Regardless if the medical professional is a cardiologist, oncologist or maybe a nurse or EMT or a pediatrician, whatever, if someone is choking or having a heart attack they are going to step in and help. Even if they are off the clock or out of the state where they are certified. Its the same with cops. Cops may specialize in certain areas of law enforcement but at the end of the day they are all cops. And will step in to help or backup orher cops when needed.

  4. And federal blackhawks (I assume you are talking about homeland security helicopters) flying over an American city dosnt concern me. They are homeland security or another federal law enforcement agency. With jurisdiction anywhere in the nation and charged with responding to national emergencies protecting the public. Not something they would be able to effectively do just flying around over the middle of the Atlantic. Where do you expect them to fly? They also do alot of training in environments where they might have to respond in said emergencies. So it makes sense for them to fly over such areas. None of this is of any concern to me cause it all makes sense to me.

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