New iPad having some heat issues.

My new iPad (iPad 3, HD or whatever you want to call it) showed up friday via FedEx. It’s a nice update to the iPad, the new screen must be seen to be appreciated, and the improved camera makes it finally useful as a image gathering device. I’ve been using it a lot today since it’s Saturday and I wanted to tweak things and play some games on it. After an hour or so I noticed it was a little warm on the left side. I was playing Modern Combat 3 and thought maybe the game was the issue. But it really doesn’t matter what I do with the iPad, it just happens to run a little on the warm side. Particularly on the lower left side of the device. I never noticed any heat issues with my original iPad or my iPad 2. Not sure it’s a major issue, but it could contribute to device shut-down during hot days, and heat is never a good thing for the batteries. I took a couple photos with my Flir camera to show how hot this thing is running. Top photo is the front, here’s a shot of the back:

Over in the Apple support communities there are a few discussions about the heat issue: New iPad overheating?

Overall I really like the new iPad, this is just something I’ve noticed and will keep an eye on.


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