GoPro WiFi BacPac and Remote- Not ready for primetime.

The GoPro Wifi BacPac was released last weekend after months of delays. Based on my experience with it, they should have delayed it even further.

I purchased my first BacPac last weekend at Best Buy, and finally got around to playing with it Wednesday night. The unit as it comes out of the box is inoperative, it (and your GoPro) all require firmware updates prior to use. I updated the camera, BacPac and remote without any issues. I then left the BacPac and remote plugged in for a few hours to charge them. After a couple of hours I unplugged the devices and attempted to “pair” them. The BacPac fired up fine and went into pairing mode easily. The remote, well, it was dead. Would not start. No light, no display, nothing. Plugged it into the usb port, and it fired right up. Paired it with the camera, and was able to activate the shutter and change shooting modes without any problems. Only issue was if I unplugged the remote it would instantly die.

So I returned it to Best Buy for an exchange, which was an adventure all in itself. Anyhow, I got the new BacPac and remote, updated the BacPac, then started the update to the remote. The remote update made it to 50% and stopped. For an hour. After two hours it was obvious it was not going to update. I unplugged the remote and it continued to display “UPDATE.”

It continued to say that until I went to bed. I woke up and it was dead. After plugging it in, it continued to say “UPDATE”. I emailed GoPro for help, but I’m pretty sure this is my second failed BacPac/remote.

I guess I will go back to Best Buy and see if the third time is the charm. At this point, I’m not too impressed with the quality of the devices.

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  1. Bill,
    I’m (almost) in the same boat. My remote is in the never-ending UPDATE mode. It only made it to around 33% while updating and didn’t budge for over an hour. Dang thing still reads UPDATE… I also emailed GOPRO and await their reply (sigh). Did you ever hear back from them?

  2. David,

    I did receive a couple responses from GoPro, the first was a standard simple troubleshooting guide, I then informed them I tried all of those steps and was about to return it. They did not respond for 3 days so I swapped it for my third Wifi Bacpac at Bestbuy- this one finally worked.
    Today I got this email from GoPro- you might give this a shot:

    “Please, let the remote drain one more time, once its off, connect to the USB port for 1 hour without turning it on to get the battery charged again.

    After one hour, disconnect the remote, Open Cineform, plug in the camera attached to the WiFi BacPac both powered on and turn on the remote WITHOUT plugging it into the computer.

    Cineform should now recognize the device and perform the update.”

    Good luck!!

  3. Same here, the remote is stuck and locked in update mode.
    Can’t do anything with it.

  4. Hi Guys, same here, kit arrived today and I have been playing on the darn thing all night trying to get the bloody remote to update, are they serious with this!!

  5. Another epic fail. I’ll try for a few days and then return it to Amazon. I managed to update camera and backpac but remote just stays at 0. If my company did stuff like this we would be out of business!

    • Yeah it sucks- it took three attempts for me to finally get it to work. They obviously pushed this out too quickly. Now I’m wondering if we will ever see the iOS app they promised.

  6. Same problem here. Stuck on the update screen. No response yet from Gopro.

    Looking forward to a solution to this problem.

  7. Comforted tI know I’m not the only 1 dealing with the remote issue. Mine has also frozen on “update”. Won’t respond to anything. Would’ve been a good idea for GoPro to put a pinhole button on the back somewhere to force reset. Tempted to take it apart and try disconnecting power supply while it’s on…..hard to resist the urge as it would prob void the manuf’s warranty. Have yet to hear anything in response from GoPro. I was more than alittle disturbed to find out, as big as GoPro is now, that they dont offer a support phone number. When a consumer pays for a product its aggravating enough w/o the frustration of trying to fix the manufacturer’s error…..but when they don’t even give you a way to actually speak with someone it angers me bc I can’t even tell if the issue I’m having is understood correctly. From a customer service perspective theirs no replacement for speaking with an actual representative

    • Good luck- they will probably send you the same response they sent me, which was worthless.

      It’s really odd they shipped this out with so many bugs, it was delayed again and again, I wish they would have delayed it a bit longer rather than deliver a unfinished product.


  8. I’m experiencing the same problem. Has anyone found a solution to this besides exchanging the remote for a new one? Anybody try letting the battery of the remote run dry, then fully charging and trying again? If so, did it work?

    • I tried to do the full discharge then charge, no luck. Pretty sure you will end up having to exchange it. 🙁

      • Just wanted to update this blog for anyone else that is still having this issue. I was using a PC to try and update the Wifi Remote, but it was stuck on the Update screen. After hours of troubleshooting on my home PC, I went to a family member’s house and tried updating the Remote on their Macbook. It worked like a charm, first try! So if you are having this issue on a PC, find yourself a Mac asap!

  9. Got a similar nightmare when updating firmware on wifi remote, It was stuck on “UPDATE with down arrow screen”. Called up their support line and they suggested to send them back.
    Here is how I get around to fix it using a MacBook, and assuming you have successfully updated the firmware on the Wifi BacPac and GoPro Hero 2 Camera

    1. Turn on the Camera and Wifi BacPac (unattached)
    2. Attach Wifi BacPac to the Camera
    3. Turn on the Wifi Remote (stuck on the update screen)
    4. From Camera navigate to Settings > Wifi and establish current wifi connection
    5. At the back of the Wifi BacPac check the Wifi indicator, it has to be solid (means wifi BacPac can communicate with the remote although it’s stuck on update mode)
    6. Run GoPro CineForm Studio
    7. Attach USB cable to the Wifi BacPac
    8. CineForm Studio should detect both device and begin the update process on the remote.
    9. Pay attention to the Wifi Remote, when the update process complete it shows a checkbox and flashes the version number. (My MacBook is still showing progress bar waiting update complete screen)
    10 Turn off the Wifi Remote, disconnect USB cable
    11. Turn on Wifi Remote and it should work

    • Brilliant, Michael.

      I followed your steps exactly and it worked for me.
      I had the stuck in update mode as others had described, not much luck on my iMac (OK, was through a USB hub) so fired up the Macbook Pro (Lion) followed Michael’s steps and the remote unit completed the update and works !!

      Cheers Michael !

    • Awesome! Thanks!

    • It worked for me as well.

    • Thanks a lot! It worked for me.
      That’s the way this issue should be explained in GoPro FAQ.

    • Thanks Michael,

      I followed your steps, but had to try over a dozen times (PC Win7).

      Issue I was having was during the update, the remote would turn off then back on then wireless would no longer connect back to complete update.

      I persisted and eventually got it to work.

    • You’re a seriously good dude for posting this. Thanks, much appreciated!

      I had to uninstall Cineform, turn my mac on and off a few times, do a few rain dances and even try standing on one leg whilst patting my head and rubbing my belly but eventually it worked.

    • This is great. Your are the man. Worked for me.

    • Great work dude. I was sure I was doing everything correctly, but always got the update freeze. However, when doing your method step by step it worked first time!
      Thanks alot for sharing!! :DD

    • Michael,

      Months later and I found this to be a very helpful post! These steps worked on my Hero2 Wifi Remote + BacPac combo with the Windows 7 OS. I was about ready to throw this remote in the trash and use my phone as the remote, rather than going through numerous returns.

      Thanks again sir!!

    • Thank you Michael
      my remote was bricked for over a year and gopro stated would only replace if i have the receipt from the store. going back and forward, just had the remote laying on my shelf. stumbled upon your resolution first attempt…. RESOLVED !! ! ! ! ! windows 7 pc… was up and running again in 8 minutes!!!!!
      THANK YOU ! ! ! !

  10. Hi Guys,
    The problem I’m experiencing is slightly different, I had some minor issues with updating the firmware on the camera which is now resolved, the wifi remote and bacpac have updated fine.

    There appears to be a problem with the camera freezing (or locking) to the point where it is non responsive and requires a hard restart (remove battery to reset). The issue seams to be more prominent after turning the camera on via the remote or following a slight bump. Has anyone experienced something similar ??

    • I just had the same experience with it freezing. Never had that problem until I got the wifi unit. Happened both the last two times I used it. I had the LCD screen on not the wifi unit. Also have another problem. Changed the wifi password and now can’t remember what it is. Anyone know how to reset?

  11. This unit is very difficult to operate. Even if it works at some point the instructions are almost indeciperable and it is almost inpossible to make the device function.

  12. All –

    I have been having the same problems and more from those noted above. I have the original Hero and its even more complicated. I have been back and forth with the GoPro Service Support, who I must say are inconsistent with their support. Here is a snapshot of the problems I had once I bought and connected (or tried to) the wifi bacpac:

    Here is what I have done in the last 48 hours:
    – Followed the instructions online to update camera
    1. Download and Install CineForm Studio
    2. Update Hero Camera with firmware (HD1.01.01.102)
    3. Tried to follow instructions to sync camera and wifi remote
    – When camera is turned on (without SD card) camera turns on and shows relevant settings in window. I can toggle between settings without problems-
    When camera is turned on (with SD card, with and without firmware on SD card) camera turns on, but automatically starts recording.
    – When recording is terminated, the camera immediately goes to SET in the LCD window

    All the above takes place without the wifi bac-pac and remote connected. With the bac-pac connected the exact same problem exists. However, when the unit is turned off, it automatically turns itself back on and continues to beep every 10 seconds. When the SD card is inserted the camera again turns itself on and records with the red light flashing and a beep every 8-10 seconds. When using the button on top of the camera to stop the recording, it stops and starts 2 seconds later after having registered another recording, after 4 short beeps, the LCD showing SET and then automatically start recording again. When removing the back-pac, the camera is then turned on again, automatically starts recording. Once stopped and after 3 short beeps, LCD returns to SET.

    I have removed the battery pack to see if a reset would help – no luck

    All the above was undertaken 2 months ago. Why the delay? I got fed up with wasting time on this unit and decided to closet it and look for a new one. I sent GoPro more emails outlining the problems and they asked me to call them to sort it out.

    However, I write this morning, after connecting the units (remote, camera and wifi pac) as outlined by Michael August 6 2012, and would you (Adam and Eve it) believe it, both units needed a “new” upgrade, once completed I have a fully connected working setup….. 3 months after purchasing the wifi pac.

    The remote update did take a little longer and I was concerned for a while, but it did complete (on an Intel based PC/Laptop). Must say, I’m a little happier now especially that I don’t have to go out and buy a more superior camera and have to garbage this one.

    Thanks to Michaels post, otherwise I would be back in the support system with Go Pro….

  13. Hi Guys,

    similar problem here, I updated the firmware of bacpac wi-fi successfully but after this…the unit as stopped working. Cineform recognizes the bacpac but not the version and I can not update it because the update button does nt work and the display is turn off. Any idea?


    • I have the same problem as Tommy – updates all worked fine, but now my bacpac won’t power up.

      Awaiting a reply from GoPro.

      • @Del, after some mail with Go Pro, the customer care wrote me that maybe the bacpac has some problems and they decided to replace it.

  14. Hi Guys,

    Update from my post / question on 21 August 2012.

    We did a large amount of further testing at the snow WITHOUT the wifi bacpac, and found the camera would still freeze normally within the first 10-15 seconds of recording when first turned on. We attempted to resolve by formatting SD card, alternative SD cards (all class 10), batteries and the like, and came to the conclusion the camera was faulty.

    We returned the camera to the place of purchase for a much needed replacement. Once the firmware update was complete the new camera (inc wifi bacpac) was subjected to some basic testing and all appears to be resolved.

    Thank you for your assistance.


  15. mohammed alghamdi

    michael may god bless you man i was very angry and no one here in saudi arabia can fix such issue..
    and if i send it back to gopro i will spend more money

    you just save me and make my day 🙂

    shokran michael

    cheers from the middle east

  16. I followed the step in the comments exsept for plugging the remote into the USB. It updated correctly totally wirelessly after being stuck in update mode from my computer. It may be different for me as I’m on a windows 7 desktop.

    I didn’t need to let it run out of battery. As soon as the updated backpack latched on to the remote without USB to the remote, my computer said both were connected. And that time it only took about 5 minutes and the remote booted right up.

  17. Anyone else having the same trouble as me and Tommy (see above), this is the info from GoPro. And it fixed the problem:

  18. Sorry to hear that your Wi-Fi BacPac no longer powers on after the firmware update. If a glitch occurred during the update, it can leave you unable to power on the Wi-Fi BacPac or connect to it in CineForm Studio. We have a new version of CineForm Studio that will allow you to re-establish connection so that you can update the BacPac.

    Mac: … .1.162.dmg

    PC: …

    Install the new version of CineForm Studio and retry the update. You’ll see that the Wi-Fi BacPac Version is listed as “Unavailable – Reconnect”. That’s OK. Click the UPDATE button anyway, and the update should complete successfully.

  19. Thanks Michael, that worked a treat. thought i was going to have to return it in the end.

  20. Michael and Adam Arnold, you have just saved my Christmas! My son received the bacpac and remote and straight away got this problem of the remote being stuck on the update. Using Michael’s instructions and taking heart from Adam’s comments after about 7 goes the update worked. Cheers.

  21. Michael’s trick worked. But had to re-install CineForm Studio first. Followed Michael’s instructions and it worked, but then on first attempt of using the synced remote the camera froze. I had to remove the battery and SD card to un-freeze it, but then a video repair error popped up (pressing any button fixed this) and then when I turned the remote back on it worked perfectly. Halleluyah.

  22. im trying to follow michael however my bacpac is not getting the solid wifi any suggestions other then hard resets or returning it as it was an online purchase?

  23. Thx a lot dude your tip works fine. I had to do many tries before it finaly worked. I wasted more than 5 hours to update it.

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