Squarespace and the iPad don’t play well together

I was really looking forward to using the ipad to update and post to my squarespace account. Sadly it is not exactly a smooth process, if you attempt to use the squarespace online interface with the ipad version of safari you will initially think it will work, but the reality is you can create a new post/entry, give it a title, but there is no way to type content into the post. Sort of makes that a worthless option. The squarespace iPhone application does work on the iPad, however it looks horrible, and the limited editing functions make it a crude tool for serious work. Additionally the ipad’s keyboard is replaced by a scaled up version of the iphone’s keyboard, which is very difficult to adjust to if you are used to the ipad’s keyboard.

I contacted squarespace and they responded with the following:

“Thanks for reporting this! The developers have this as an open issue and will be working to resolve this in the near future.

We do plan on developing an iPad app at some point in time. We think that both the iPhone and the iPad provide unique opportunities to extend the Squarespace experience, and each of them will have distinct capabilities. We can’t release a timeline on this at the moment, and are notoriously picky with our interfaces, insisting that we get them right 🙂 While we don’t announce new feature dates prior to our releases, we do announce all service changes via our service blog at: http://service.squarespace.com/

As always, Squarespace sites should render appropriately on the built-in Safari browser. Any problems on that end should be reported to support@squarespace.com. However, administering your site on the iPad via Safari may pose some challenges, as it doesn’t support basic features such as drag and drop that are necessary when performing certain tasks within Squarespace.”

I’m hoping a solution comes sooner than later.. posting with the iPhone app on a device like an iPad is painful!

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  1. Hi Bill,

    I’ve had the same problem with squarespace on the iPad. I’d love to use my iPad for more serious blogging than the iPhone app allows. The iPad is so well suited to content generation, and of course it is ultra portable and just makes on feel creative!

    Thanks for the post!

    Dion (from Cape Town)

  2. Dion,

    Yeah I hope they get an application specifically for the iPad soon.. it would only make sense, as you mentioned the device is almost built for blogging!


  3. Little things like this are really starting to bug me with Squarespace. How difficult would it be for them to develop and iPad app that is essentially a scaled-up iPhone app? The individuals who use the iPad are probably the same individuals who use Squarespace. This is an unfortunate oversight, and unfortunately the reason why I’m thinking about going back to developing my site in WordPress. The fact that we’re paying money (monthly) to use their service should cause them to want to respond a little faster to our needs. 

  4. Kvocal, I agree it is frustrating. I cant see why they can’t just optimize the current iPhone app for the iPad, then work on a full on version with more features.

  5. This is a seriously annoying issue – I got my iPad last week when they were released in the UK and I can’t believe that the standard interface for editing my Squarespace blog doesn’t work on it.

    Surely a scaled up version of the iPhone app shouldn’t be hard to get out to at least avoid having to use the horrible scaled up x2 iPhone app. The different placement of the delete and return keys on the two platforms drives me nuts when switching from one to the other.

    It is disappointing when you are paying for a premium service – should really be a priority for them to sort this out.

  6. Hi Bill,
    This is also a huge pain for me. I can use the iPad to gather ideas for my site digitalcopyroom.com, but I can’t do much editing with it. I am force to use my computer to actually do any real work for the site. Squarespace is missing a huge opportunity with this issue.

  7. I wouldn't count on any updates quickly. I'm still waiting for them to update the bug introduced by iOS 4, where you can't post photos to your blog without the app crashing. That was almost 3 months ago!

  8. Have you downloaded the new update? It was released in the last couple days. Seems better, still no iPad version though. 🙁

  9. Hi Bill – I thought you'd be interested in what could very well be one of the most feature rich, interactive and design centric blogging and CMS platforms for iPad from the folks at Squarespace which hits iTunes today. I've provided the final press release, hi-res screen grabs and demo video for your immediate use… I think you'll find this heads and shoulders better than your previous experience with Squarespace on the iPad, per this original post.

    The new Squarespace app for iPad which can be found on iTunes at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/squarespace-for-ipad/id408735801?mt=8, brings to life Squarespace's diverse range of functionality and further reinforces Squarespace’s leadership position in the application of new technologies to better serve the needs of bloggers and small businesses. The free iPad app offers Squarespace users not only a new way to communicate with constituents while they are on the go, but a very rich and full-featured experience specifically for iPad users without compromise or comparison.

    Here are a few links for you:

    Our iPad demo video:

    And our iPad product page:

    Let me know if there is anything further you might need.

    Best and better,

  10. Yeah, I have to agree. Even up till now, the app still has bugs. When will they sort it? Although it’s working better now

  11. Is this a cruel joke. Are you kidding me SquareSpace?
    It’s now May of 2017 … and this problem still exists …
    I was so happy I finally picked SquareSpace and was willing to make a website after 10 year of avoiding the issue. I only had one page up like a biz card. I was looking forward to the beautiful sites the company had to offer.
    Feeling frustrated and angry!

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