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So somehow you found my little space on the web and actually felt compelled to find out more about this person who puts all this random stuff on his blog.  I’m Bill Gillam, I live in Arlington, WA. I work full time as a General Manager of a refractory construction company. In addition to that I’m a fire commissioner with Snohomish County Fire District 17.

I enjoy catching breaking news when it happens in Snohomish County, play some pretty poor golf, and enjoy photography and mountain biking as hobbies.

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  1. April 15, 2014
    Subject: vievu.com

    Hello, Bill.

    We communicated with each other on the indiegogo.com forum regarding the vievu.com product campaign. I am known by the username of “Run B’ and I am from Virginia.

    As you already understand, nobody received the product and six months elapsed. My patience has already passed past hope and faith. I am angry.

    Therefore, I filed a complaint with the Attorney General of the State of Washington. The complaint is public record, so anybody can ask for a copy of the case. The complaint file number is 445357.

    Bob Ferguson
    Consumer Protection Division
    1220 Main Street, Suite 549
    Vancouver, WA 98660
    (360) 759-2152

    My communication involved a program staff member named Jim McAdams.

    Program Specialist 3
    Consumer Protection Division
    (360) 759-2154
    Fax: (360) 759-2159

    To make a long story short, my complaint is considered an informal mediation. Inside an informal mediation, the Attorney General does not represent any party. Indiegogo and Vievu provided their reasons and I am unhappy with their excuses. Nevertheless, Jim McAdams closed my case.

    The Attorney General mentioned that I can take legal action with a private attorney. I will think about this matter further.

    I wanted to share my concern with other customers. For a brief period of time, indiegogo.com closed the forum. After further complaints, indiegogo restored the forum.

    Let me know your point of view.

    -Mark Shinn

  2. Bill:

    Please contact me privately to discuss your video of the Troopers speeding to the DRE conference.

    John Brangwin
    Attorney at Law

  3. Bill: Find me when you have a moment. I am helping a friend with a story and this is right up your alley. Miss you, happy new year and please find me. Thanks lots!!!

  4. That’s a quc-wikitted answer to a difficult question

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